Giovanna Civitillo, why was she dressed in yellow in Sanremo? It was she who revealed it

On the first evening of the Sanremo 2022 Festival, Giovanna Civitillo was dressed in yellow, but do you know why? It was she who revealed it

On stage, her husband entertained the audience with his professionalism, she in the front row at the Ariston struck the spectator’s attention with her almost blinding yellow dress. But do you know why she decided to wear it? It was she who revealed it. If you are curious to know why, we advise you to read the article to the end.

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Why did Giovanna Civitillo wear a yellow dress at Sanremo 2022? Here is the reason (Source: Instagram)

Why was Giovanna Civitillo dressed in yellow in Sanremo 2022?

Giovanna Civitillo was born in Vico Equense, in the province of Naples, on 9 September 1977, she is 44 years old and is the wife of Amadeus, famous TV host. Before being Amadeus’s wife, however, Giovanna was a dancer, in fact she has cultivated a passion for dance since she was a child, and recently she also wore the role of TV presenter.

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His career it began in 1996, when it appeared in some television programs such as “Fantastica italiana”, “Carràmba! What a surprise ”,“ Blessed among women ”,“ Domenica in ”. She reached the pinnacle of success in 2002, when she joined the cast of “The legacy”, a television quiz hosted by her, Amadeus.

After the end of the experience at “L’eredità”, he participated in “I recommended”, in “Avanti unaltra”, “Detto Fatto” and “Lo Zecchino d’Oro”. When her husband was chosen as conductor and artistic director of the Sanremo Festival, Giovanna was chosen by “La vita in direct” as correspondent of the program for the week in which the festival takes place. In 2021, however, she was presenter of the “Primafestival”.

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During the early evening of Sanremo Festival 2022, the Civitillo was obviously sitting in the front row and caught the attention of the public with an almost blinding yellow dress. A few weeks later, Amadeus’ wife has finally revealed why she chose to wear a dress of that kind.


Civitillo chose that outfit for Amadeus. Both, in fact, love mimosas and sunflowers, whose color is really bright yellow, and also the presenter is color blind and for this reason the wife has found an original expedient to make her husband recognize her in the crowd of the audience.