Giovanna Pedretti, the restaurateur criticized for her response to the homophobic review, found dead

The case of the ‘Le Vignole’ pizzeria came under the spotlight, due to the doubts about the post published by the restaurant

The restaurateur Giovanna Pedretti, restaurateur from Sant’Angelo Lodigiano and owner of the Le Vignole pizzeria, who in recent days had come under the spotlight for a post published on social media, was found dead. The causes of death are not known, a voluntary act cannot be ruled out. Her body would have been found in Lambro, where the police, firefighters and forensic scientists intervened.

The woman had published a response to a homophobic review from a customer, who had complained about having to eat his meal next to a gay couple and a disabled person. The pizzeria’s post, published 3 days ago on the restaurant’s Facebook page and still visible after 3 days, was commented on by thousands of people who appreciated the owners’ conduct and praised their sensitivity.

Hour after hour, however, critical comments towards the post and messages also appeared that questioned the veracity of the story, similar in some ways to that relating to a review published in 2022 in relation to a restaurant in Veneto. The case of the Le Vignole pizzeria has also been observed and discussed by some well-known people. In particular, Lorenzo Biagiarelli, author of the book ‘I ate too much meat’ and a member of the cast of ‘It’s always midday’ on TV, expressed his opinion on the case.