Giovanni Allevi talks about the disease on social media: “Meditation to overcome pain”

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“To overcome the pain, I set aside time each day to meditate.” So Giovanni Allevi in ​​a social post tells how he is dealing with his illness, a myeloma that the pianist said he had for the first time in June 2022.

“Thanks to the kitten I keep in touch with the All God of Nature”

“I begin with thoughts of gratitude towards Creation. Then I concentrate on my breathing, until my Ego dissolves and I become Nothing – Allevi writes posting a photo of him lying down with a kitten in his arms – Thanks to the kitten, a divinity adored by the ancient Egyptians, I keep in touch with the All God of Nature , undivided, eternal, ever blissful, who permeates everything with his Logos”.

The announcement of the disease on social media

Allevi had announced on June 18, 2022 on his social profiles that he had discovered the disease: “I will not go around it: I have discovered that I have a sweet-sounding neoplasm: myeloma, but no less insidious for this”. My greatest anguish – she had added – is the thought of causing pain to my family members and to all the people who follow me with affection. I’ve always fought my inner dragons in concert with you, thanks to Music. Forgive me this time, I’ll have to do it away from the stage.”