Giovanni Allevi updates the fans on his state of health: “Today I’m doing great”

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Pianist and composer gGiovanni Allevi he returns to update his fans on the course of his illness (a myelona that he himself announced on Instagram last June) and he does so by thanking once again those who are helping him right now, first of all the medical staff. Between the lines, also a heartfelt encouragement to patients committed to fighting firsthand, as stated in the post published a few hours ago on social media. Over the last few months, the artist wanted to send several update messages on his state of health, and starting from that first dramatic announcement: “My greatest anguish is the thought of causing pain to my family members and to all the people who follow me with affection. I’ve always fought my inner dragons in concert with you, thanks to Music. This time forgive me, I’ll have to do it away from the stage ”, he continues to do it, never losing faith. Today, on the eve of Easter, the good news shared with the fans and a special wish.

the words of giovanni allevi on instagram

Easter is approaching, the day of rebirth, and perhaps it is no coincidence that it coincides with my birthday. I’ve had a tough year but I want to rejoice with you in the good news that according to today’s last exams I’m doing great! Words are not enough to thank the medical and nursing staff of the Milan Cancer Institute who are accompanying me on this tortuous journey. I wish I could embrace all the “warrior” patients who are struggling like me and who have always encouraged me with their example, and support those who are now starting the therapeutic journey: research is making great strides! Thanks to all of you and my family for the tremendous support.

I’m confident we’ll see each other soon, with lots of new music and a different view of the world!!!
A kiss from Giovanni, weakened and “discombined” but very happy.
Happy Easter everyone! ❤️❤️❤️