Giovanni Franzoni, fall and injury in the super-G: he will undergo surgery in Finland

The diagnosis: complex injury to the right thigh flexors

The Fisi Medical Commission, after days of careful examinations, issued the definitive diagnosis on the accident that occurred to Giovanni Franzoni during the super-G on Friday in Wengen, with the fall and the injury. Franzoni suffered a complex injury to the flexors of his right thigh and will need to be operated on. Dr. Andrea Panzeri, president of the Commission, got in touch with the specialized center in Turku, Finland, where Kristian Ghedina and Peter Fill were also operated on in the past, and which has been collaborating with Fisi for many years. Franzoni will leave on Tuesday, accompanied by a doctor from the Fisi Commission and will be operated on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately you have to be aware that it’s part of the game, on the other hand you don’t think about it or try not to think about it until it happens otherwise you wouldn’t go to the starting gate to try and go as fast as possible, and this leads to risks that need to be take into consideration – said Franzoni -. It annoys me that the serious injury occurred precisely in the most banal fall, because up to now I had had some problems but they could be solved in the medium-short term. It is a new situation for me and already after just one day I wonder how I will manage to pass all this time thinking always and only about the same thing, skiing. I am sad because I have not achieved what I had set for this season and because I will have to wait a long time to get back in the game. I hope only to be able to bring back all this ‘anger’ and desire to arrive at the right moment and the thing that will make me return will only be the constancy and the work that has distinguished me until now”.