Giovanni Roncato, founder of the historic luggage company, died at the age of 81

His wife Loredana and his children Alessandra, Cristiano, Andrea and Enrico announced his passing

Giovanni Roncato, entrepreneur and founder of Valigeria Roncato, died today at the age of 81. His wife Loredana and his children Alessandra, Cristiano, Andrea and Enrico announced his passing.

Who was the entrepreneur

Giovanni Roncato, known as Gianni, was born in Campodarsego on 16 March 42 to Palmira and Antonio Roncato. From an early age he supported his father, who had been active in the luggage sector since the 1940s, quickly learning the art of luggage making and knowing how to interpret the needs of future travelers as a pioneer. Skills which, in 1973, led him to found what would remain his flagship in the years to come: Valigeria Roncato SpA, which is still an icon of Made in Italy worldwide. Gianni Roncato was a man of many facets: affectionate husband, father and grandfather, a successful entrepreneur and a great innovator. The first in its sector in Europe to introduce the assembly line into its factory, he made Valigeria Roncato SpA the world’s largest manufacturer of 24-hour suitcases of the time. A man capable of facing the numerous challenges that have arisen before him over the last 50 years, without denying those values ​​that have always guided his work: the high quality of his creations, Italian style and innovation.

The memory of family members

Today, Giovanni Roncato leaves behind his wife Loredana, his 4 children Alessandra, Cristiano, Andrea and Enrico, and 13 grandchildren, his greatest treasure. He passes away precisely in the year in which the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the company occurs, whose activity will be carried forward by his children and his collaborators with great tenacity, overcoming the moments of difficulty that will inevitably arise along the way, as it always is been done in the past as well. Just like he taught. Just like he always wanted. “Our father was a tireless man, enthusiastic about life, optimistic and kind-hearted, he worked until the last moment because he lived to create. He leaves us many beautiful examples and memories that will be a stimulus to continue what he started in the spirit of continuity and development. We did everything in our power to be able to bring him home and give him a chance”, underline the family. “He passed away surrounded by our affection and close to the land where he was born and which he loved. We thank from now on all the people who are close to us every day and at every moment for their support. We thank the entire intensive care team of the Camposampiero hospital, Dr. Astrid Behr for her hospitality, availability, professionalism and timeliness despite the critical conditions in which our father reached the hospital. We authorized the donation of organs in the hope of being able to give life to those who could we need it today”, they conclude.