Gipsy Fiorucci pays homage to Dolores O’Riordan in Shattered: the video

This song contained in my album “Protagonista del Finale” present in all digital platforms, is a personal and heartfelt tribute to the great Dolores O’Riordan leader of the Irish band The Cranberries, whom I have always loved and considered one of the most beautiful of the world rock scene; I decided to extract it as a single because it is a song of great emotional impact that represents me a lot and fully expresses all the determination, the desire for redemption and above all for rebirth that at this moment characterize what is one of the most intense and important periods of my life. With this song with an explosive and biting sound but introspective and intimate at the same time, I want to reiterate the importance of always having the courage to defend our uniqueness at any cost; “Destroying” everything that is no longer in line with our true being is the bridge between the transformation we are going through and the change that our soul he goes looking for. It is essential to understand the essence of who we truly are beyond all

appearance and failures that we “perceive” as such; like a determined warrior but with a heart full of love who walks with his head held high above the rubble because he knows that his true rebirth is contained in the goal because in the end, to be reborn you always have to die a little … the chrysalis that becomes a butterfly.

In the official video, directed by Lorenzo Lombardi, I am driving an old car that is still and full of dust, a metaphor for everything in life that has no more reason to exist, of a situation that is now worn and stagnant, which has come to an end … in a scenario where chaos, debris and destruction reign through images of great visual impact that fully embody the courage to “shatter” everything that no longer belongs to us and everything that prevents us from progressing towards our true essence to make room finally to the best version of ourselves; the beginning of a journey over our own rubble, to walk the path of rebirth and the reconstruction of new certainties based on our most authentic identity and without being afraid of our inner insecurities. And going through the most absolute destruction, among glass, dust and debris in search of new shores to arrive at change and a new light, I finally find myself in front of a completely new scenario; a boundless land immersed in vegetation that is hardly trying to be reborn at all costs but which has already planted its new buds, among canyons carved out by waterways and a “lunar” atmosphere you can notice a great desire for redemption and all the unstoppable strength of a rediscovered hope. We exist as special, unrepeatable and authentic beings and it is important to give value to our gifts and talents by always respecting our uniqueness as an absolute value and recognizing the indispensable role we have in the universe “, a concept that I want to strongly reaffirm by launching” Uniqueness Project “, A project that conveys a very specific message” Let’s defend our uniqueness and give the world our true being “, a slogan that encompasses all the power and magic that our soul is able to unleash, which comes from vibrations of the heart through inspiration and where the only reality to be shared is the total freedom to be yourself.