Girls & Boys by Blur remade by Måneskin. Damiano: “Wonderful song”. VIDEO

On September 3, Måneskin performed a cover of Girls & Boys by Blur, wowing the audience.
The band led by Damiano David played the hit by the English group Damon Albarn in the frame of the first date of the Måneskin world tour in Hannover, Germany. The Italian group also let the public listen to the previously unreleased one The Driver.

The Blur-themed performance fits perfectly into what is a real revival: this summer, in fact, Albarn’s group and, more generally, Brit pop were properly dusted off.
Måneskin have chosen to join the chorus of nostalgic pop in English sauce by offering a performance in Germany by Girls & Boyssuccessful single from 1994.

At the bottom of this article you can watch the video in which Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio perform playing and singing Girls & Boys of Blurs.

The Måneskin concert they played at Girls & Boys

The performance was staged at the EXPO Plaza in Hanover, Germany, on the first date of the long tour that will bring the local rock quartet to all the main cities in the world.
“When we made the setlist for this tour we realized that there was only one cover and as you know we like covers”, said Damiano David on stage. Then the frontman of the band wanted to thank Blur for this “wonderful song”, these are his words before starting to sing the song.
During the same concert, the singer also hinted as in the past Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini a capella.
The lineup also included Måneskin’s single released last Friday, Honey (Are U Coming?)a song they will play on September 12 at the MTV Video Music Awards (for which they are nominated in two categories: group of the year and best rock video for The Loneliest).

Girls & BoysBlur’s anthem song from the 90s

The piece is one of the most iconic of the British band, released as a single in 1994 and has become one of their most famous songs. Girls & Boys is taken from the album park lifeone of the most influential records of the 90s in the UK.
It is characterized by a typical sound britpop which features a mix of electric guitars, synthesizers and a pulsating rhythm section. Let’s say the sound britpop just mentioned was partly codified from this song, which was fundamental for the growth of the English pop movement of the 90s, together with other songs by Blur and compositions by the band considered the eternal rival of Albarn & Co., i.e. Oasis. Let’s not forget, however, that to define and consolidate the sub-genre of Britpop there are also – and above all, some would say – the dear old Pulps.

A light and carefree text that is a hymn to sexual liberation

The lyrics of the song are light: they reflect the desire for sexual adventures and carefree summer holidays. It tells of boys and girls trying to have fun and chasing the dear old hedonism, pleasure. The scenario is a beach holiday and between the lines the theme of sexual liberation is addressed.

Girls & Boys it became one of Blur’s best-known songs and was a major commercial success. It peaked at number 5 on the UK singles chart. The music video of Girls & Boysdirected by Kevin Godley, is famous for its colorful and surreal aesthetic: you see images of disco parties and a stylized representation of the summer holidays.

Below you can watch the video in which Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio from Måneskin perform with Girls & Boys of Blurs.