Giroud, the lesson on TV after AC Milan-PSG: “My name is not Girù” – Video

The Milan striker dealing with Carragher

Olivier Giroud managed to score the 2-1 goal in Milan’s splendid victory against PSG in the Champions League. The French striker, however, is unable to explain the correct pronunciation of his name and surname to Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool captain and CBS commentator. The curtain is broadcast after last night’s match. Presenter Kate Abdo tries to act as an intermediary between Giroud, busy in post-match interviews, and Carragher, who in the studio tries his hand at trying to pronounce ‘oliviègirù’ in the right way with poor results. “They called me that for 9 years in the Premier League,” says the resigned centre-forward. Kate Abdo passes the exam. Micah Richards, the other commentator in the studio, gets away with it. Carragher, on the other hand, is disastrous. The AC Milan striker tries to explain that the ‘d’ in the surname should not be pronounced, that there is an ‘r’ and not an ‘l’. The result is disheartening and Giroud closes the lesson out of desperation.