Gissella Gallardo’s forceful response to criticism about her relationship with Pinilla

Gissella Gallardo, the ex-wife of Mauricio Pinilla, shared a publication on her social networks with a photo with two of her children with the message: “Children are a gift, they are not for us to break them. They are for us to believe. I wish many understood what this means.” This publication happened hours before Pinigol with the Gala shouted their love to the four winds.

In this post, a user wrote to him and made an unfortunate and unwanted comment: “Let go of everything and it will be easier. He already said case closed.”

Gissella, firm in her position, did not remain silent and responded emphatically: “Precious fake account… it was closed for me before it was for him. So he doesn’t write nonsense to me and then go elsewhere writing bad about me, from my face ”.

In addition, he added: “And I do not manipulate my children, they are big and they realize everything and everyone.”

The romance between Mauricio Pinilla and Gala Caldirola is one of the most notorious cahuines in Chilean entertainment. After months of speculation, the couple finally decided to make their romance public through social networks with romantic postcards just a few hours after the publication.

In the same photo of Gissella, her daughter Matilda left her a comment that caught the attention of the followers: “Mommy, you will never break us.” Without a doubt, the daughter of Pinilla and Gallardo made clear her support for her mother in the midst of the situation.

The ex-wife of the former Chilean soccer player, Mauricio Pinilla, Gissella Gallardo, has been accused on social networks of manipulating their children. However, the journalist did not remain silent and she strongly responded to the accusations.