Giucas Casella, do you know who your son’s mother is and why you entrusted him to him as a child?

Who is the mother of James, the beloved son of Giucas Casella: what happened when he was born and why did he grow up with his father?

Showman for over 40 years, Giucas Casella has had a very intense private life. The famous illusionist has a partner, Valeria Perilli, former TV announcer, actress and voice actress and is the father of James, who is now 34 and works as a surgeon.

Giucas Casella, do you know who your son’s mother is and why he entrusted him to him as a child? (Instagram)

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James’s mother, however, is not Valeria, but an English woman with whom Giucas had a relationship that lasted seven years. Initially the competitor of the GF Vip did not want to recognize the child, but it was Pippo Baudo to advise him to retrace his steps and joyfully accept the gift of fatherhood.

Giucas raised his son together with his partner Valeria and only when James turned 30 did he decide to resume relations with his mother. Let’s see in detail what happened.

Giucas Casella, who is the mother of her son and what happened between them

The woman who gave birth to James is Carol Torr, a former British model. In 1986, after discovering she was pregnant, the story between her and Giucas went into crisis and the two chose to share their paths.

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Carol lives in England, where she decided to return to succeed in the world of fashion. In 2018, during an episode of Sunday Live, Giucas had a heated confrontation with Torr with which there was an exchange of very strong accusations: “You came to Rome a couple of times, when James was little, and you also came with your boyfriend. Instead of looking for him now, why didn’t you look for him when he was little? Now it’s big, you’ve lost it a bit ”. For its part, the former model accused him of having prevented her from being with her son and not having helped her financially to come to Italy to see him.

who is the mother of Giucas Casella's son
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The fact is that the bond between Casella and his son is very strong and together they excited a lot GF Vip, do you agree?