Giucas Casella: “Every now and then I talk to Silvio Berlusconi in the afterlife: he’s fine”

The illusionist and mentalist Giucas Casella has revealed that he is in contact with Silvio Berlusconi in the afterlife. Guest of an episode of Robinson Pop Upprogram produced by Republic, hosted by Saverio Raimondo and featuring Stefano Rapone, he was asked: “Would you be able to contact Silvio Berlusconi in the afterlife, or is this beyond his powers?”. Giucas Casella replied: “I talk to him every now and then and he is fine.” One of the hosts replied: “Is he fine, and is it hot where he is? How is the climate where he is? It’s an important detail…”. To this question, the paragnost replied: “I didn’t really ask him.” .

The first meeting with Berlusconi

Casella then said that he met Berlusconi on the plane, on a plane between Rome and Milan. “I took a plane trip with Berlusconi. I had done Fantastic, I remember putting a pin in my throat to do a surprise experiment and while I was backstage, Marisa Laurito pushed me and I lost concentration. I go on stage with the pin, Pippo Baudo takes the pin from my throat and what happened was that a lot of blood came out. From that moment on, Rai stopped me because I had to warn them about this experiment. So, Berlusconi had the program Odiens and I remember that plane trip. There was also the very famous Argentine footballer, Diego Armando Maradona.” During the episode, Giucas Casella also walked through General Vannacci’s books, re-proposing a version of his famous hot coals experiment.