Giulia Cecchettin, criminologist on premeditated hypothesis: “Kitchen knife? He brought it from home”

“Filippo couldn’t stand the idea of ​​abandonment and reacted with overkilling” Flaminia Bolzan tells AdnKronos

“Giulia’s is a clear case of feminicide, at the idea of ​​abandonment on her part, Philip was unable to contain his emotional side and acted with ‘overkilling’, that is, an action greater than that necessary to kill”. This was stated by psychologist and criminologist Flaminia Bolzan to Adnkronos, commenting on the results of the autopsy on Giulia Cecchettin, killed by her ex, Filippo Turetta, with at least 25 stab wounds.

“The number of stab wounds is high and this refers to a relationship between attacker and victim – he explains – and the fact that the largest wounds are on the left side of the neck suggests that the attack occurred in a car, with Giulia sitting on the passenger side”. The type of weapon, according to the criminologist, supports the hypothesis of premeditation. “The fact that he used a kitchen knife means that he brought it from home,” Bolzan said.

From Turetta’s next interrogations, more useful details may come to understand what happened, but based on the elements known so far “it is probable that Giulia expressed her desire to self-determine in her choice – concludes the criminologist –, Filippo did not emotionally manage the sense of frustration and, therefore, completed his criminal intent”.