Giulia Cecchettin killed, thrown 50 meters down a cliff. Stab wounds on head and neck

Hunt for ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta, the young man’s parents: “Turn yourself in”

Giulia Cecchettin was stabbed to death. The tragic discovery of the body of the 22-year-old Venetian yesterday in the Barcis lake area in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The young woman had been missing since last Saturday together with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta who has not yet been found.

An international arrest warrant is pending on the young man for the murder of the girl. Turetta’s research is also underway in Austria, in Carinthia, reports the Austrian newspaper ‘Kronen Zeitung’. In fact, Filippo Turetta’s Fiat Grande Punto would have crossed the border at Tarvisio and continued via Villach to Lienz. “Two days ago – writes the newspaper – the vehicle was apparently located in Carinthia. The Italian police immediately informed their Austrian colleagues”.

On Friday, Turetta was entered into the register of suspects on charges of attempted murder after a video, examined by investigators, documented that the young man violently attacked Giulia and then loaded her lifeless into the car to continue his escape.

How she died

According to the first leaked information, Giulia was hit with several stab wounds in the upper part of her body including the neck and then pushed down a cliff. It would have fallen for 50 meters until the body ended up in a gully near Lake Barcis in the province of Pordenone. It took hours to recover the body of the young student, recognized by her father yesterday afternoon, and it will take time to get all the answers about what happened. There will be an autopsy next week. Only then will it be possible to understand, among other things, whether and which of her stab wounds was fatal and whether Giulia was killed immediately after her disappearance or not.

The appeal of Turetta’s parents: “Give yourself over”

Several appeals were made to Turetta, all with the aim of convincing the young man to return and turn himself in. “Filippo, hand yourself over to the police”, the appeal of the young man’s parents. “We want to express closeness and deep sorrow for a tragedy that involves both families”, said the lawyer Emanuele Compagno, contacted by Adnkronos, immediately after the discovery of the victim’s body.

The chief prosecutor of Venice Bruno Cherchi also addressed Turetta from the microphones of Tg1 making the same appeal: “The invitation” I address to him is to “not continue this flight towards Austria, he turns himself in”. “We still don’t have certain elements” on the dynamics of what happened, explained the magistrate. “The reconstruction that the boy could do would be very important, even for him.”

The memory of his brother and sister

“I love you, susumina” wrote Davide Cecchettin, Giulia’s brother, posting a photo of the girl on Instagram while she hugged a large teddy bear, while her sister Elena remembered her by posting a black and white photo in which they smile next to the other is the writing “Rest in power. I love you”. ”My sadness is buried together with my murdered sister. All I have left is anger,” she added. ”It was your good boy” is another post relaunched by Giulia’s sister, together with the phrase: ”For you we will burn everything”.

The torchlight procession for Giulia

Today at 7pm the mayor of Vigonovo Luca Martello organized a torchlight procession to remember Giulia. The announcement was made by the mayor who on Saturday evening left the two-storey house in via Leonardo da Vinci where he hugged the girl’s family. “We will remember Giulia and above all we will show the family the affection and what we have experienced together in these days. I invite all the citizens of Vigonovo to participate because in such a difficult moment we hope that everyone’s affection can be of use to them”.

Already yesterday the town wanted to remember Giulia, leaving written thoughts and prayers in front of the family house, candles, some teddy bears, children’s drawings and a carpet of white flowers framing the entrance to the two-storey house in via Leonardo da Vinci.

Grandma Carla’s pain

“Giulia deserved this affection, I went out to see the flowers that many left for her. Don’t make me say anything else because they are not a condition” said grandmother Carla. A few words from the woman addressed to journalists, then Davide invited his grandmother to return and bring that pain, which for six days was muffled by hope, within those four walls again.