Giulia Cecchettin, Meloni attacks Gruber: “Am I patriarchal? He exploits tragedy to attack me”

The Prime Minister posts photos with daughter, mother and grandmother: “Truly speechless”

Giorgia Meloni against Lilli Gruber. With a post on her social media, the Prime Minister replied to the journalist who defined her as “an expression of a patriarchal culture”.

The post with the daughter, mother and grandmother

“I don’t know how certain people manage to find the courage to exploit even the most horrible tragedies in order to attack the government – writes Meloni who accompanies the post with a family photo that portrays her with her daughter Ginevra, her mother and grandmother – Now the new bizarre thesis supported by Lilli Gruber in her broadcast last night is that I am the expression of a patriarchal culture. As can clearly be seen from this photo which portrays four generations of my family’s ‘patriarchal culture’. Truly speechless.”

What Lilli Gruber said

Meloni’s post comes after an episode of Otto e mezzo focused on the femicide of Giulia Cecchettin, the 22-year-old from Veneto killed by her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta, arrested a week after the murder in Germany. In asking a question to the writer Carlotta Vagnoli, Gruber said: “There is political exploitation by the left of this femicide, the fact that for the first time we have a female Prime Minister who however is keen to be called the President of the I advise… a mystery of faith for me. But this too will be a right-wing, patriarchal culture…”.