Giulia Cecchettin murder, first night in prison for Filippo Turetta

The guarantee interrogation on Tuesday. The trusted lawyer described him as “very distressed and disoriented”

First night in prison in Verona for Filippo Turetta, the 21-year-old arrested on charges of aggravated voluntary homicide and kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin. Having landed yesterday in Venice from Germany on an Air Force Falcon 900, escorted by the police to the Montorio prison, he is now locked up in a cell – together with another prisoner – in an isolated area, under a regime of ‘great surveillance’ which translates into ‘watched on sight’ to avoid aggression or suicidal gestures.

In a few days Turetta will be able to be transferred to a protected unit, where 60 inmates live with lives separate from the others. Yesterday his trusted lawyer Giovanni Caruso described him as “very distressed, disoriented. I managed to have an acceptably intelligible conversation and he is in acceptable health conditions.”

The guarantee interrogation is Tuesday 28 November before the investigating judge of Venice Benedetta Vitolo. The 21-year-old can choose to remain silent or decide to respond to the accusations. The student could risk life imprisonment if he is charged with the aggravating circumstance of premeditation.

The prosecutor Andrea Petroni will be present (the presence of the public prosecution is not necessary, ed.) who could ask for an aggravation with respect to the crimes charged, while the defender, the lawyer Giovanni Caruso, will be able to ask for an alternative measure to prison or already in this psychiatric evaluation is underway. If the lawyers do not make any requests, the investigating judge must not write any new provisions.

Philip’s meeting with his parents

Filippo Cecchettin’s parents, mother Elisabetta and father Nicola, will meet their 21-year-old son detained in Verona prison “as soon as possible”. The student’s defender, the lawyer Giovanni Caruso, explains this at the end of the meeting in the Scaligera prison.

Arrived from Germany yesterday

Turetta arrived in Italy yesterday morning from Germany on board a military plane that left Rome for Frankfurt, a German city not far from the Halle prison where Turetta was detained for a week, and then landed in Venice around 11am. During the flight Turetta “He didn’t say a single word. His gaze was low, silent, resigned, almost disinterested: he neither cried nor seemed nervous” said those who were on the plane with him.

Lawyer Compagno renounces his mandate

The lawyer Emanuele Compagno has renounced the defense of Filippo Turetta. “With Filippo’s arrival in Italy, I consider my work as a public defender concluded – he told Adnkronos. And even if he had appointed me as a trusted defender, I preferred to renounce this appointment. I had announced to the family from the first day the need for a trusted defender, the controversies that someone has raised about me have nothing to do with it.”