Giulia Cecchettin, plane with Turetta on board which left Frankfurt: will be in Venice at 12

Lawyer Gentile, lawyer for Giulia’s sister: “Turetta without empathy, killed lucidly. We will work to ensure that the abject motive is recognised”

The Falcon 900 of the Italian Air Force took off from Frankfurt with Filippo Turetta on board, the 22-year-old arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin. He will arrive, as expected, at 12 in Venice.

The Cecchettins’ lawyer: “Turetta killed Giulia to punish her”

“Turetta clearly eliminated the ex to punish her for what he considered an act of insubordination she suffered, since, by now, Giulia no longer met his expectations. We will work so that the prosecutor’s office first and then the judges recognize the aggravating circumstance of ‘ abject motive”. He supports it Nicodemo Gentile, Elena Cecchettin’s trusted lawyer, sister of the 22 year old student from Vigonovo (Venice) stabbed to death by her ex.

“The reason for the murder is foul and the entire conduct as a whole is despicable. Giulia’s graduation was the breaking point, of no return: this milestone would have made Filippo increasingly smaller and led to the definitive detachment of the young woman, ready to move on even in the world of her relationships”, claims the lawyer.

“Women must stop acting as ‘curators’ of men suffering from emotional illiteracy, and at the first signs of abnormal and morbid behavior on the part of their partner they must definitively abandon the dynamics of military control, intrusive and harassing behaviour, even when they are not used the hands. Giulia’s sacrifice must serve to create new awareness among young people, in families, in schools and perhaps save other women from the attacks and blackmail of affective manipulators”, concludes Gentile.