Giulia Cecchettin, Ris analysis of blood in the Turetta car: what answers they can give

They will use the same technique used for the Cogne crime

To analyze the numerous traces of blood found in the car of Filippo Turetta, the young man who killed his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin, the Parma Ris carabinieri will use Bloodstain pattern analysisthe system that allows you to determine layout, size and shape, and that it was used for the first time in Italy for the murder of little Samuele Lorenzi in Cogne.

From the car, returned to Italy last December 15th and which will be analyzed in the presence of the parties – the date to begin the unrepeatable investigations has not yet been set -, the Venice prosecutor’s office is awaiting further evidence regarding Turetta’s confession and a crime which could no longer be composed of two, but three different phases of the attack.

From the laboratory analysis of the blood material it should be possible to find out if they are splashes coming from blunt objects, blows inflicted by edged weapons, or if they are passive secondary traces (by dripping), but also if the victim was attacked by a left-handed or right-handed person. Answers that will arrive at short notice from the car in which Turetta, after the crime, loaded Giulia’s body (before abandoning it in the province of Pordenone) and then attempted to escape to Germany, where he was handcuffed.