Giulia De Lellis reveals how she keeps fit: “It’s good for the mind and body”, the secret

Have you ever wondered how Giulia De Lellis keeps fit? On social media she revealed her ‘secret’: it is just that.

There are many influencers who take turns on our social message boards and who, among IG Stories, photos and videos, literally let us enter their lives. Among the different ones that populate the social networks, however, Giulia De Lellis continues to be among the stars of this world. And to think that even before making her debut in Men and Women and becoming beloved, the young Roman was doing something else!

‘Secret’ beauty Giulia. Credits: Instagram

Became popular after her participation in Men and Women, Giulia De Lellis easily became the star of social media. Usually sharing everything about her daily life with her audience, the former suitor of the dating show has an Instagram profile that is not only very popular – just think, there are just over 5 million followers – but also more than active.

As well as many other social stars, too Giulia De Lellis he shares everything with his followers. A few days ago, for example, she delighted in revealing her ‘beauty secret’ to them. In fact, have you ever wondered how the influencer holds up in shape?

How does Giulia De Lellis keep fit? The ‘secret’ just revealed

“This sport is good for my mind and body”, this is how Giulia De Lellis wanted to reveal to all her followers what she does to keep herself in form.

As well as Benedetta Parodi, too Giulia De Lellis he would seem to prefer a healthy diet, made up of vegetables, fruit, water and much more. To this, however, the beloved influencer can not help but add a little sport. On the other hand, we know very well: if you intend to lose weight or keep fit, you should preferably combine these two ‘activities’. But what does the beautiful De Lellis do to boast of that physical form to envy?

Through an Ig Story, Giulia De Lellis revealed to everyone that she usually follows a Pilates course. It is a sport that, as explained by her direct interest, is good for the mind and body.

giulia de lellis form
IG Giulia. Credits: Instagram

Have you ever imagined that pilates was Giulia De Lellis’ beauty ‘secret’?

The love story with Carlo Beretta

In addition to her participation in Men and Women, Giulia De Lellis also became popular when she became Andrea Damante’s girlfriend. He went down the stairs of the program just to woo the Veronese deejay, the friendliness and spontaneity of the young Roman immediately struck him so much that he chose her in May 2016. The love story between Giulia and Andrea made everyone dream, but in spite of all their fairy tales did not have a happy ending. After leaving him following an uncovered betrayal, the two have tried to put together the pieces of their love story, but when a vase is broken there is nothing that can make it return as before.

Filed the love story with Andrea Damante, Giulia De Lellis has found the smile again next to a young boy who does not belong at all to the world of entertainment, but who in everyday life does a completely different job. Indeed, if we really want to be honest, it would seem that the young Carlo is quite reluctant to the spotlight and the lights of social media.

Even though the two are not yet talking about marriage, one cannot help but notice how close they are. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the couple is about to move to a new house in which there will be a truly incredible ‘detail’.

giulia de lellis form
Giulia and Carlo. Credits: Instagram

We wish them both lots of happiness and the full realization of their dreams.