Giulia De Lellis, the announcement leaves everyone stunned: she said it clearly

With this announcement on Instagram Giulia De Lellis left everyone stunned: only now the influencer said clearly, what happened.

Among the many faces that populate our Instagram message boards, Giulia De Lellis is certainly among the most popular. Made known to the Italian public during her participation in Men and Women, the sympathetic Roman easily distinguished herself from all her other travel companions. In fact, she has been a long time since the dating show, but De Lellis continues to be an established face.

Announcement Giulia De Lellis. Credits: Instagram

With more than five million followers, Giulia De Lellis boasts a more than active Instagram profile! On this, the influencer is used to sharing everything! Not only, in fact, if you take an in-depth look, you can find photos of her in the company of her boyfriend Carlo or of her without makeup, but also of real stories that the young woman makes of her to her supporters. That’s exactly what she did a few days ago, sharing with them a announcement that left everyone stunned!

Like many other ‘social’ women, Giulia De Lellis also prefers a pure and clear relationship with her audience. It is precisely for this reason that she, answering the question of a user of her, she could not help but indulge in a rather ‘intimate’ confession.

Giulia De Lellis’ announcement surprises everyone: what she said

It is through a series of IG stories that Giulia De Lellis he wanted to tell his supporters a bit, revealing something completely new about himself. Many believe they know everything about him, but instead it would seem that this is not the case at all. Just recently, if you remember, we told you about the incredible revelation to which the very young Roman influencer let herself go about one of her ex of hers. She didn’t mention who she was referring to at all, yet De Lellis clearly replied to those who asked her if she – in hindsight – she has something to say to her ex-boyfriends. In short, a very specific question, in the face of which Giulia did not hold back in answering at all. She didn’t even do it when she, most likely for the first time, was asked a very specific question regarding anxiety and panic attacks.

As well as the famous actress, it would seem that Giulia De Lellis also suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. And that this is precisely the reason that prompted him to ask for help from a psychologist. “I did a period of analysis, but then I stopped”, the influencer said. Not hiding, however, that she is ready to return. Even now, as specified, Giulia suffers from these attacks, but fortunately she manages to manage them. “When they arrive it means that I’m full, that I have to throw out that load of energy. So I welcome them, breathing deeply “, he explained, saying that he immediately felt better after this ‘practice’.

julia announcement
Giulia to the sea. Credits: Instagram

You would never have imagined such a one announcement by Giulia De Lellis?