Giulia Michelini, the background that few know: she did it before success

Giulia Michelini what she did before her success: not everyone knows this background regarding the actress.

Giulia Michelini is one of the most popular actresses on the Italian cinema scene. The role that brought her to the highest levels is that of Rosy Abate. Everyone followed her story. This character brought her to the pinnacle of her success and notoriety. The first time we saw her in this role dates back to 2009 in the Antimafia Team-Palermo Oggi.

Giulia Michelini before (credits: instagram)

He was part of the series until 2016, the year of the airing of the eighth season. She later returned to star in the spin-off Rosy Abate-The series which had an impressive success. This is obviously one of the many roles that the actress has played and it is the one that has allowed her to be most appreciated by viewers. Before that, we had already seen her in another famous television drama. She was very young then. Let’s talk about the Police District. You made your debut as Sabina, Giulia Corsi’s sister, the latter played by Claudia Pandolfi, in 2002.

Today Michelini needs no introduction because each of us knows her. But do you really know everything about her? Before becoming an actress and enjoying the success and popularity that surrounds her today, do you know what she was doing?

Giulia Michelini, what she did before her success as an actress: the background that not everyone knows

From what we read on the web, Giulia Michelini’s career began almost by chance. In fact, after her high school studies, she was noticed by a film producer during an audition. She thus approaches the world of acting. His debut on the small screen comes in the Police District.

It was 2002 and the actress was playing the role of Sabina, the sister of Giulia Corsi, a character played by Claudia Pandolfi. In 2004 she is the protagonist of the minisere Paolo Borsellino, where she plays Lucia Borsellino. She later joins RIIS Crimes Imperfect. Her success comes overwhelming thanks to the role of Rosy Abate in the Antimafia Team-Palermo Oggi. Role that has consecrated it to the general public. In the eighth season, in the midst of sorrow, she leaves the series but we will see her later in the spin-off Rosy Abate. The character of Rosy has certainly given her great fame but in recent years she has interpreted many and even different ones. You have acted in cinema and on television. But even before starting an acting career, do you know what she was doing?

giulia michelini first success
Giulia michelini before (credits: instagram)

Since reading on the web, before entering the world of acting, Michelini worked in another area, that of sport. As a teenager, she reads that she would join her as part of an artistic gymnastics team. It would seem that on this occasion she was noticed. A talent that would explode within a few years.