Giulia Penna with her Prisma takes us into the magical world of music

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Prism (ADA Music Italy distribution) is the new single from Giulia Penna, previewed yesterday during the TikTok Awards Italy, which Giulia hosted together with Valerio Lundini. A new stage in the artist’s introspective R&B journey, which began with the previous singles Sweet tears and Sospesa feat. Nese Ikaro. With its electro pop and psychedelic style “Prisma” tells a new story: “In the song I sing of a window overlooking a magical world, which for me is that of music. Like the moon, mentioned in the song, it changes according to of its phases, Prisma symbolizes for me a new personal phase –tells Giulia Penna– I decided to publish “Prisma” just at this time of year because I always found it a bit magical. For many they can be a bit dark days, but I like to see them as full of a mystery to be discovered, this is how I see life. I would like this song to be a good luck charm for me and for the audience “.

The official video clip of the song is also online, directed by Dalila Ceccarelli aka Dalilù.
The video also contains, through other magical elements, the suggestive atmospheres that surround it Prism, starting with the white cat, caressed by Giulia throughout the video, with an almost hypnotic and seductive gesture. The cat is just a symbol of good luck and peace, a representation of a serenity found after a dark and tormented period. The choice of the white color, which characterizes the whole project, is not random but is linked to the value of this color: the combination of all the colors reflected in the prism generates the perception of white. White represents a candid, positive light, which for the artist indicates purity of soul and the desire to look out into the future with authenticity.