Giulia Salemi, the dramatic story of mother Fariba: “They told me that it was immediately operated”

Giulia Salemi, the dramatic story of mother Fariba is creepy: “They told me that it was immediately operated”, what did you know

The Italian-Persian influencer literally bewitched us with his indisputable beauty and conquered us in front of the camera with his talent. We got to know a lot better Giulia Salemi when he was a competitor to the Big Brother Vip in its third edition.

Giulia Salemi, dramatic confession (Credits: Youtube)

Through the reality show we were able to know and appreciate Giulia in her sweetness but also in her frankness, and here, even outside the reality show, she has become a much loved and followed character. The GF Vip brought her love into her life.

It is under the spotlight of the program conducted by Alfonso Signorini that the love between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli was born. To date, the story between the two is going well, they are more and more in love. Even today we have the opportunity to see the sweet Giulia at GF Vip, but this time not as a competitor! Well, the beautiful showgirl is back in the reality Mediaset studios as a social media correspondent, ready to collect the hottest comments from the public in prime time.

Through her television experiences, including the one that in 2014 saw her competitor of Beijing Express, we were able to see and understand that a very important and indeed fundamental presence for Giulia Salemi is the figure of his mother Fariba. A constant of her in her life from which she has never separated. And at the weekly Di Più it is right mother Fariba to tell a dramatic background that characterized his life and that of his daughter: “They told me that it had to be operated on immediately “.

Mamma Fariba and the dramatic background on her daughter Giulia Salemi: “She had to be operated on immediately”, what she said

At the weekly Moreover mother Fariba it has opened the doors to a difficult past. A unexpected background. Giulia at the time was only a child, she was only a few months old. But that was her most difficult and complicated time due to a tumor that had been diagnosed. A diagnosis found after many checks after mom Fariba and dad Mario realized that she was breathing badly. The diagnosis was devastating: “They told me that she had to be operated on immediately. My daughter had a mass in her chest that, over time, had grown enormous and would soon suffocate her“. Those were not easy years. First the operation and then all the checks over time to check for a possible relapse which fortunately did not occur.

giulia salemi operated
Giulia Salemi and mother Fariba (Credits: Instagram)

Mamma Fariba said that in that period she ended up isolating herself from the world to give all the necessary attention to little Giulia who was going through a very difficult moment. Fortunately, the mass was benign. Those were difficult years that left a scar on Giulia inside, but also outside of her. Giulia now has larger and smaller breasts. Her scar has grown over the years and in the summer it creates some small ‘discomfort’ however in recent years Giulia has not decided to resort to surgery because that sign is nothing more than an indication of a won battle. And did you know this background?