Giulia Salemi victim of bullying: “Children know how to be very bad”

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Giulia Salemi during her childhood was bullied because she was a different child from the others: “They can be really bad” she confided with a broken heart.

Giulia Salemi bullying Credit: Very true

Julia Salemi she is the young promise of the Italian small screen who has enchanted viewers thanks to her sympathy but also to her beauty. It is undeniable that Alfonso Signorini’s pupil has a certain charm. Charm that helped her win the hearts of the public, but it wasn’t always like this because despite viewers perceiving her as a beautiful girl, she never felt that way and there was a time when she came teased about her appearance.

To reveal this sad background on his past was herself during a recent interview, revealing how often she was at school victim of bullying as she was very different from her peers and for this reason she was often teased by them and this caused her great pain that marked her for a long time.

Giulia Salemi was bullied and his confession proved to be a real heartbreak for all his loyal supporters.

Giulia Salemi destroyed by pain. The confession is a blow to the heart: “I was different”

Julia Salemi she admitted that unfortunately she didn’t have an easy childhood and not only because of her parents’ divorce which catapulted her into a real war, but also because of her appearance which was targeted by all her peers .

Giulia Salemi GF Vip
Giulia Salemi (Credit: Instagram)

I was different Pierpaolo Pretelli’s girlfriend told the microphones of Very true “Partly because of my mother who forced me to have the unibrow she quickly added, revealing what made her different from the other kids. “I had a unibrow and braces and my friends excluded me” he then went on to recall moments that were anything but happy for his life.

Children can be very naughty when they are young he later admitted bitterly. “I was always trying to buy friendships, I sought the approval of others by transforming myself she declared with a broken heart. “I was then the daughter of separated parents and it’s never simpleAnd when you get caught in a war” he finally concluded by recalling a difficult period of his childhood.