Giulia Tramontano, boyfriend sought a lover after the murder: “Now I’m free”

Impagnetiello allegedly swore to the woman that the child Giulia was carrying was not hers

After killing Giulia Tramontano in their home in Senagobetween 19 and 20 on Saturday evening, the partner, Alessandro Impagnetiello also tried to contact his mistress, the American colleague with whom the 7-month pregnant 29-year-old had met in the afternoon. “She’s gone, now I’m free”, she allegedly said to her lover, swearing that the child Giulia was carrying was not hers. However, my colleague frightened, she preferred not to meet Impagnetiello, proposing only a distance comparison “from two windows”.

The 30-year-old attempted to burn Giulia’s body after stabbing her to death. Tonight the man confessed to her murder, also causing her body to be found in a cavity behind a building that houses some boxes in Senago. Now he will have to answer for voluntary homicide, non-consensual termination of pregnancy and concealment of a corpse.