Giulia Tramontano, found the body: boyfriend confesses to murder

He would have indicated where to find the 7 months pregnant young woman: the body hidden in a cavity behind a building that houses some boxes in Senago. The man is being investigated for aggravated voluntary homicide

The body of Giulia Tramontano
it was found last night by the Carabinieri in an abandoned green area in the town of Senago. The 29-year-old girl, seven months pregnant, was reported missing on Sunday 28 May from cohabiting boyfriend. The man, heard by the Public Prosecutor during the night in the Carabinieri barracks of Senago, he confessed. She would have shown him where to find the young woman’s body, found in via Monte Rosa in Senago. He was hidden in a gap behind a building that houses some boxes.


Aggravated voluntary homicide, non-consensual abortion and concealment of a corpse are the crimes for which AI, Giulia’s partner, has been under investigation since late yesterday evening. The file in the hands of the Milan prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo was quickly filled with investigations, telephone records, seizure orders for cameras, PCs and cell phones.

The house in via Novella, in Senago, was seized and sieved by the carabinieri of the Scientific section in search of any elements that could clarify what happened on Saturday evening.


The biological traces (presumably blood) of Giulia Tramontano, found in her partner’s car, are the element that accelerated the investigation and led to the young man’s entry in the register of suspects for aggravated voluntary homicide. From what is learned, in the evening the military recovered a garment of the 29-year-old, to be used for molecular research.


An “immediate murder”. This is the reconstruction that prevails among the investigators who are trying to focus on what happened on Saturday 28 May when Giulia, seven months pregnant, meets her partner’s lover. The two women are certain that the 30-year-old barman had a double life starting “from April” and then the meeting takes place that same evening. It is her lover who wants it, who no longer believes the version of the 30-year-old who continues to discredit his partner and also her pregnancy. A clarifying meeting in which Giulia probably becomes aware of the castle of lies of the man who sleeps next to her. An acknowledgment that the 29-year-old may have reproached her partner, who – once they returned home – would have reacted violently.

The lover is unrelated to what happened, but it is not excluded that the 30-year-old may have been helped in carrying the body out, which would explain the biological traces found in the car. An element which, together with the inaccuracies and wrong information provided in the stages of the complaint, led the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo to register the 30-year-old for voluntary homicide, non-consensual abortion and concealment of a corpse. Just Saturday evening there may have been a strong discussion between the two, in crisis due to the presence of another woman. From the investigations, the two women would have seen each other that day, certainly there is a message sent in the evening to a friend in which the young woman says she is “disturbed”.


Before the confession, the searches were concentrated in an increasingly specific and limited area within the Groane park. Helicopters, molecular dogs, experts from the scientific department, military, but also civil protection and firefighters – as required by the national plan in the event of searches for missing persons – have scoured the area which includes the Villoresi canal, a baseball field and wooded areas about a kilometer and a half away from the house.