Giulia Tramontano, the messages of Impagnetiello before and after the murder

Two days before killing her, when she wanted to leave him: “Are you leaving me? What kind of mother are you?”. And after her crime: “Take one shot”

What a mother you are!”. Giulia Tramontano had discovered the betrayals and lies of her boyfriend Alessandro Impagnatiello and had decided to leave him. “Actually, even before giving birth to a child, do you already want to divide us? Do you want to have him born with two parents who are already separated? But what a mother are you!”, wrote the 30-year-old on May 25, two days before the murder. “Accept my decision and let’s close the conversation”, wrote the 29-year-old seventh month pregnant, excitedly explaining to Alessandro that she no longer wanted to see him as her partner, “so as to no longer expect anything from me and find my peace”. In the meantime “we share a house as long as necessary”.

And to him who retorted “what kind of mother are you?”, the 29-year-old replied sarcastically: “The important thing is that you are a good father, I’ll take care of myself, don’t worry”. And he: “But do you think it’s normal to talk like this with a baby in your belly?”. And Giulia exasperated: “It doesn’t seem normal to me to let a person reach this limit instead”.

Impagnetiello’s messages to Giulia after the murder

And after killing his partner, with the aim – according to the investigators – of throwing off the investigation into her disappearance, Impagnatiello continued to write messages for days. He complained of having the “journalists” who “are harassing me at home. Please – begged the woman who died four days earlier – she is unlivable like this”. It is from midnight on Saturday, a few hours after having killed her, that Impagnetiello starts sending messages to the victim’s cell phone. The next morning he texts her from work, urging her to rest. And faced with her silence, now dead: “Hey, are you still in bed?”. And so throughout the day on Sunday, when the missing persons report is filed.

The messages also continue in the following days, while the desperate search for the 29-year-old continues. “I know that I haven’t been an ideal boyfriend in recent months. I have disrespected you. To you who were the first and only girl to have welcomed my son,” writes Impagnatiello, already the father of a child from a previous relationship. “You made my heart explode. I didn’t want to break your self instead. I didn’t want your eyes to stop shining when we were together. You have full reasons, but I just want to ask you one favor: just tell us that you’re fine”, the words he addresses to the woman he killed two days earlier.

On the morning of 31 May, after having left – according to the confession made the following night – Giulia’s body in a crawl space, Alessandro wrote to her again, affectionately calling her “Tata”. And after complaining to the reporters on his doorstep, “It’s day four today, stop with this and bang, I’m begging you.” It is the last message, a few hours after Impagnatiello, faced with the now evident evidence collected against him by the investigators, will confess to her murder, causing the body of the pregnant 29-year-old to be found.

Giulia’s sister: “Problems with Alessandro since February 2021”

Giulia knew that the 30-year-old was having an affair with another woman as early as January, reported Giulia’s sister, Chiara, when last Monday she was heard by the carabinieri of the Senago station, the day after the missing report of the woman 29 years old.

The two sisters, very close, had lived apart for five years but spoke to each other every day and spent the holidays together. Chiara, two years younger, however did not approve of the relationship with Impagnetiello. “From the very beginning I’ve never had great esteem for Alessandro,” Chiara told the carabinieri. Concerns also expressed to his sister, who for her part only hid them since “February 2021, when she began living together with Alessandro” in the house in Senago “there were sentimental problems with her partner”, who “often was absent for work” he left Giulia at home alone.

The situation worsens when “in January 2023 my sister told me that Alessandro had confided in her that he was having another romantic relationship with another girl”. Giulia, who has passed the first trimester of pregnancy, leaves Senago and spends two weeks with her family in the house of Sant’Antimo, in the province of Naples. She tells her parents that she is pregnant and of “sentimental problems with Alessandro”, receiving all the necessary support from them. The girl takes leave of her family saying that “she would not have forgiven Alessandro, but she would have returned to Senago temporarily waiting to find another housing solution or return to her parents’ home”.

Months go by and the 29-year-old remains to live with her partner in the Milan area. In April, the two decide to take a few days off in Ibiza. Chiara does not approve and the two sisters argue. Relationships cool down, but in early May, when they meet together at their parents’ house, everything goes back to normal between them, with daily exchanges of messages and phone calls, until last Sunday when Giulia stops answering. She was already dead, killed the night before by Alessandro.