Giulia Tramontano to her friend: “Alessandro ruined my life”

The whatsapp message a few minutes before being killed

Alessandro ruined my life. Now I’m forced to return to the South after all the sacrifices made to leave him”. This confided Giulia Tramontano to a friend via whatsapp in the early evening of last Saturday, tens of minutes before being killed by his partner in their home in Senago, near Milan.

The telematic conversation, with voice messages, begins at 18.25, after the 29-year-old says goodbye to the other girl romantically linked to Impagnetiello. An encounter in which the two women unmask all the man’s lies that they unknowingly share. Details that hurt Giulia, such as the fact that in her absence Alessandro removed the photos that portrayed her from the house in Senago, so that he could welcome the other woman. And again when, on the occasion of the latter’s birthday, he spends the weekend with her, telling the 29-year-old he lived with that he is in Emilia Romagna with a friend.

Details that convince Giulia, who already – says her friend – “had strong doubts about Alessandro’s sincerity”, to go home to talk to him and, after calming down a bit, to leave. Once she arrives, however, she will find death at the hands of her partner, who will write to her from the 29-year-old’s phone to reassure her friend who is worried about her. “Nothing aunt I can’t stand it anymore, now I’m going to rest”, the last message, at 21.50, when Giulia had already been killed.

Not only. Last Saturday afternoon, when Giulia and the other girl with whom her partner was having an affair meet in the Armani club, where Alessandro Impagnatiello worked, the barman was absent, despite being on duty. This is because the 30-year-old had left his job earlier, telling those in charge that he had to go to the hospital with his mother. Another lie, which Giulia reveals to her friend on whatsapp while she is returning home, before being killed. The confidante, heard from the police on Monday afternoon, said that her friend in an “shocked” audio message had told her the content of the conversation she had with the other woman of her partner. It is the latter who tells her that Alessandro “in the workplace is seen badly”, so much so that he was nicknamed ‘filthy’ and that “in the past he was also suspended for having stolen money in the workplace”.