Giuliano Ligabue presents “Timeless”: 50 years of music in an unforgettable journey

Giuliano Ligabue, crooner capable of reviving masterpieces of world music with his unique style, talks to us about his new album.

Art is often the perfect combination of various talents and Giuliano Ligabue, with his music, he is certainly able to express more than one. Singer, composer, arranger, with his crooner voice and the 7-string guitar, knows how to revive the most famous masterpieces of the American Songbook, always adding a completely personal touch. Last year he introduced himself to the readers of Just Gossip speaking of his history and his artistic path, this time he tells us about his new album entitled Timeless. An unforgettable journey through 50 years of music.

Giuliano Ligabue new album (Credits: Facebook)

After giving up a job as a clerk, years ago he decided to devote himself to his true passion and chose to carry on, through jazz and swing, the best of the American tradition from Frank Sinatra to today. Around 2009 he started performing as a soloist and in 2013 he released his first album titled Swing Affairin a trio without drums, in a sort of homage to the great Nat King Cole.

Having been born into a family of musicians, music has always accompanied Giuliano. Having approached the world of seven notes since childhood, he has several records and collaborations with high-sounding names in the world of Italian and international jazz, including Paolo Tomelleri, Mario Zara, Mattia Cigalini, Davide Ghidoni, Frank Griffith, John Colianni, Simon Woolf and Richard Pite.

His new album, Timelesswhich contains 10 tracks including 4 new ones, was released last month and already from the title (Timeless), you can guess what its goal is. Accompany the listener on a real journey through time, in which to relive half a century of music. Compared to the previous one, it presents a novelty destined to conquer everyone from the first listening. It is he himself who reveals what it is about.

Giuliano, last year you told us about the singles you made during the lookdown. Now you are back with a new album, how did the idea come about?


How the various pieces that make up are articulated Timeless?

< Goldthe famous hit by Spandau Ballet, opens the album in a Swing arrangement, then there is Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra in Bossa / Lounge version and several other hits such as The way you make me feel by Michael Jackson, in which I added a hint of Rhythm and Blues to the Swing. I personally take care of all the arrangements >>.

And among the unpublished?

< Isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder, reworked in a Shuffle Blues that distances it a bit from the original version. It is a song that I also often use to close concerts. Here I have given more space to the guitar, with virtuosity including the ‘scat’: I sing at the same time the solo I play with the guitar. A technique used, for example, also by George Benson >>.

What is special about Timeless?

< Swing and the Jazz. This time, however, I enjoyed shooting songs that have nothing to do with this musical genre such as, for example, Sex Bomb by Tom Jones. They are all great hits, even Italian ones, like In the blue painted blue, perhaps the best known song in history. I also wanted to post When by Pino Daniele, which I had already done in the bossa nova version. This has contributed to making this authentic masterpiece known also in Brazil and in the rest of South America >>.

How did you come to approach a genus like bossa nova?

< John Colianni, the pianist of Woody Allen’s band. In 2014 she asked me to collaborate after hearing me sing and play the guitar at the online competition “Made in New York jazz competition”. Two years later we performed together both in Italy and on tour in London >>.

Did you resume live concerts after the complicated phase of the pandemic?


Giuliano Ligabue music
Giuliano Ligabue album artist (Credits: Facebook)

Are you ready for this magical blast from the past by listening Timeless by Giuliano Ligabue?