Giulia’s blood on the asphalt, that’s why we publish this photo

An image that tells more than a story: it is the choice of a man who claimed the right to take a life, it is the imprint of those who erased Giulia. Adnkronos’ conscious choice is to make it a symbol, like an imprint on consciences

Not a photo, but a cry of pain. This image – which Adnkronos decided to publish after a heartfelt and profound reflection in the editorial team – tells more than one story: it is the blood of Giulia Cecchettin and the imprint of those who erased her. It is the choice of a man who has claimed the right to take her life: to threaten her, to stab her several times, to push her against the asphalt, to throw her off a cliff. And the conscious choice to make it a symbol like an imprint on consciences.

Before bleeding to death the young student from Vigonovo breathed fear, the same one that filled the lungs of Giulia Tramontano, Chiara Poggi, Alessandra Matteuzzi and Chiara Gualzetti. Names that should not be forgotten even if the list is long – already 106 this year – and which unfortunately, we fear, may still grow.

Giulia was killed by a man: not a monster, nor a madman, nor by the ex who said he loved her because in feminicides there is no trace of love.

It took a brush and some bleach to get it off, but for those who want this story not to be just fleeting news or sterile political controversy that trace of blood – which remained on the asphalt for ten days before a worker washed it away with water – it’s still there.

(Of Antonietta Ferrante)