Giuseppe Conte against Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber: “She puts her face on, but in bronze”

The leader of the 5 Star Movement lashed out at the Prime Minister in her speech in the Chamber during the debate ahead of the European Council

“Four months after the inauguration of your executive, I feel like denouncing the inadequacy of your action”. Thus began Giuseppe Conte’s speech in the explanation of vote after Giorgia Meloni’s communications to the Chamber, in view of tomorrow’s and the day after tomorrow’s European Council. “You put your face on it, yes, but in bronze, like the one you said yesterday in the Senate to put on arms” to be sent to Ukraine. “We acknowledge your sincere support for the arms lobbies and it doesn’t surprise us why you she is as attentive to accepting the advice of her defense minister as she is inflexible in hearing the cry of pain that comes from families and businesses” added the president of the 5 Stars.

Conte: “I brought back 209 billion, you nothing”

Pressed by reporters in the Chamber, the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte answered some questions. To those who asked if he was angry about the lunge of Giorgia Meloni, yesterday in the Senate, who accused him of having had Angela Merkel dictate his line in Europe, he replied: “No, I’m not. Having brought home 109 billion euros, what should I be angry about?” This is how he underlined the match conducted in Europe by premier on the Pnrr. To those who asked him if his harsh speech today in the Chamber was a reaction foul for the several punctures of the Prime Minister said: “I would have gone straight even without citations, after all, they offer us things to say…”.