Giuseppina, janitor who commutes every day between Naples and Milan: the story

The young woman lives with her parents and every morning at 5 she takes the train to the Lombard capital, to return home around 11 pm

Naples-Milan by train every day. It’s a long day for Giuseppina Giuliano, a 29-year-old Neapolitan janitor who takes a Frecciarossa from Naples Central at 5.09 to arrive in the Lombard capital at 9.24. Then public transport and her admission to a Milanese high school at 10.30, where she remained until 5. At 6.20 she got back on the train to return to Naples at 10.53 and finally home at 11.30. As she tells Il Giorno, Giuseppina has been living this life from Monday to Saturday, every day, since September: 800 kilometers every day.

“I know mine seems crazy, but doing the math I judged that it’s economically better for me. Of course, it costs me a lot of sacrifice, considering that every morning, including Saturdays, I take the train to Milan at five. But by now I’m used to it and for the moment that’s fine,” he says. Her salary is 1,165 euros a month and for a single room in Milan the average cost does not go below 650 euros, to which we must add bills, food and public transport. “On balance I realized that, between rent, bills and shopping, I would have used up all my salary if I had moved to live in the North and most likely I would also have had to ask my family to help me financially. Instead like this, continuing to live in Naples, I also manage to have some savings,” he says.