Glass, Marcovecchio (Pilkington): “The automotive sector is more complex, the transition needs to be planned”

“Flat glass is divided into two large categories, building and automobile. Two sectors with important differences: if the former has particularly driven the world of renovations with bonuses and subsidies despite energy increases, the automotive sector is more complex, which has been affected by the semiconductor crisis with a very complex supply chain system but on which new bets must be made, especially with a view to the transition of the electric car.Today, when the consumer changes cars, it is not clear which segment to go to because there are still electric infrastructural gaps to guarantee effective mobility. Glass will always be the same even if we have to face thickness problems since it must be lighter. We are facing this period to plan this transition in the automotive sector, we are gearing up for research and development of new models that require more and more electronics.” Graziano Marcovecchio, President of Pilkington Italia declared on the sidelines of the annual meeting of Assovetro, the national association of glass manufacturers.