Glasses-free 3D images on a 27-inch screen

The new Lenovo monitor allows you to observe three-dimensional objects on a very large display and in a natural way

In addition to new gaming devices, at IFA 2023 Lenovo unveiled new technology solutions to meet the modern ever-changing needs of business users. A new monitor, software and accessories that are not only designed to enhance the capabilities of the remote workforce in today’s hybrid working environments, but also to address the challenges facing companies as they digitize operations across departments. For professional content creators who need 3D viewing, the new ThinkVision 27 3D is a 27-inch, goggleless, 2D/3D compatible display that offers smooth 3D effects and real-time eye-tracking. Accurate 4K clarity combined with double 99% professional color accuracy (DCI-P3, Adobe RGB) makes this monitor a dedicated tool for professional content creators. The 3D monitor projects two independent images into your eyes, so that each eye sees your subject from a slightly different angle. This process delivers crisp stereoscopic vision and depth perception in natural stereoscopic viewing, without the need for glasses. The ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor also features built-in speakers and multiple connectivity options, including USB-C docking station and modular camera mount, with the ability to extend functionality and easy charging. It will start at €2,999 and will be available in selected markets from February 2024.