Golden Globe 2024, Kieran Culkin’s speech as best actor for Succession. VIDEO

Kieran Culkin won at the 2024 Golden Globes for Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama for his chapeau role in the television series Succession.
The American actor, brother of the star of Mom I missed the plane Macaulay Culkin took home the award for best actor in the HBO series which triumphed (in addition to the globe awarded to the actor, he won for best drama series, best actress – Sarah Snook – and best supporting actor, Matthew Macfadyen ).

In his award acceptance speech, Kieran Culkin, 41, told an anecdote about his first nomination. He then joked with his colleague Pedro Pascal, who he beat (he was a candidate in the same category) and with whom he made a fun improvised skit, livening up the golden globe ceremony and also winning for sympathy, at least according to the many comments praising Culkin online at this time and which crowns him the king of the evening (regardless of the prize, of course). The winner’s speech as best actr, in fact, is almost unanimously considered one of the highlights of the ceremony.

The actor was nominated in 2002 for the film Igby Goes Down

In winning her first Golden Globe, the star shared with the audience a funny story from twenty years ago, when she received a nomination for the film Igby Goes Down, 2002 film written and directed by Burr Steers in which Culkin played the protagonist boy, Igby. The actor admitted that he would never, ever have thought he would still find himself there, competing for such a prestigious award.

What made everyone laugh out loud was then the “grand finale”, when Kieran Culkin addressed the audience in the room, looking his colleague and friend Pedro Pascal straight in the eyes and shouting at him with extreme satisfaction “Got this, Pedro! The prize is mine.” He wanted to give him the jab, given that he beat him (and against the many predictions that instead gave Pascal the winner).
After his joke, the cameras filmed Pascal, who pretended to cry in despair at having been beaten by his colleague, amid roars of laughter from the audience present and from Pascal and Culkin themselves.

Pedro Pascal, we remember, was nominated together with Kieran Culkin for his role in the beloved HBO series (just like Succession) The Last of Us.

Kieran Culkin: “Sorry, I sneeze. Indigestion. For the rest, it’s a good moment for me.”

“Catastrophe, ugh! Sit down. Sorry, sneezing. Indigestion. Otherwise, it’s a good moment for me. I’ve already ruined it,” Kieran Culkin said at the beginning of his speech.

“I was nominated for a Golden Globe like 20 years ago. When that moment passed, I remember thinking, ‘I’m never going back to this room again,'” he said of his 2003 Best Actor nomination for the film Igby Goes Down.

The star continued, “Then I said to myself, ‘Anything goes.’ Thanks to Succession, I’ve been here a couple of times, it was nice, but I accepted the fact that I would never go on stage. So, this is a great time. Get this, Pedro! I’m sorry,” he said, holding the statuette of him in plain view in front of Pascal. “It’s mine!”.

Ultra-awarded and ultra-nominated succession

Culkin wasn’t the only protagonist of Succession to win during the recently concluded Golden Globe ceremony.

Matthew Macfadyen received an award on the same night, while several other cast members – including Brian Cox, Sarah Snook and Jeremy Strong – earned nominations for their work on the series.

Although Pedro Pascal lost to Culkin, The Last of Us won in eight competitive categories at the Creative Arts Emmys ceremony held over the weekend. Pascal and co-star Bella Ramsey will compete at the Primetime Emmys on January 15.