Gomorra – Final season, great ratings for the first two episodes

Showdown had to be and showdown was already in the first two episodes, from yesterday on Sky and streaming on NOW, for the protagonists of the final season of Gomorrah, the cult Sky Original produced by Cattleya. Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal played by Marco D’Amore (also director of the first episodes), revived in Latvia, and Gennaro Savastano (Salvatore Esposito) were the absolute protagonists of a showdown that has only just begun and that has already captured 841 thousand average spectators, making this last season the best debut of the last two years for a series on Sky. The average of the first two episodes is 775 thousand average spectators (figure including Sky Atlantic / + 1, Sky Cinema Uno, On Demand and Primissime), with the second seen by 708 thousand people. A showdown that has also inflamed social networks: the first two episodes, yesterday, remained in the Twitter Trending Topic ranking for several hours.



Two episodes that constitute the beginning of the end. The end of an epic – born from an idea by Roberto Saviano and taken from his novel of the same name – that lasted almost a decade, called upon to give to fans from all over the world (Gomorrah is sold in more than 190 territories) an unforgettable ending to a series that has forced the entire Italian audiovisual world to revise its ambitions and possibilities upwards and which over the years, season after season, has conquered critics of all the world. The final season is no exception: in reviewing it, Il Giornale speaks of “the conclusion of an era, of a product that has changed the history of Italian series”. “A small Neapolitan Iliad – we read – that has launched a model that can be exported abroad”. For Variety, it is the grand finale of a “raw, realistic, revolutionary” series. Of “an ending up to the saga” writes Repubblica, for a series that tries to close “remaining up to its role, that of pack leader of the Italian series that have sought their fortune elsewhere”. For Il Corriere della Sera, “Gomorra” closes the circle with a spectacular ending and a confirmed place of honor in the history of international serialization “, while Il Messaggero also attributes to Gomorrah the merit of having “changed the way of conceiving seriality in Italy”. Of “the final that does not disappoint expectations” writes L’Essenziale, with Io Donna who instead warns: “it is the finale of the series that marked an era”.

Filmed in Naples, Riga and Rome, the ten new episodes of Gomorrah – Final season they are written by the head writers Leonardo Fasoli And Maddalena Ravagli, who also sign the series subject with Roberto Saviano. Valerio Cilio and Gianluca Leoncini complete the writing team. The first 5 episodes and the ninth are directed by Marco D’Amore, former director of two episodes of Gomorrah 4 and the film The Immortal, a great success by Cattleya and Vision Distribution which acts as a narrative bridge between the fourth and fifth season, while episodes 6, 7, 8 and 10 are directed by Claudio Cupellini, at the helm since the beginning of the series. Both are also artistic supervisors.

In the cast, in addition to the historical protagonists – Salvatore Esposito in the role of Genny Savastano, Ivana Lotito in the role of Azzurra e Arturo Muselli who returns to play Enzo Sangue Blu – the great return of Marco D’Amore in the role of Ciro Di Marzio, but also many new-entries: Domenico “Mimmo” Borrelli who plays Don Angelo known as’ O Maestrale, Tania Garribba in the role of Donna Luciana, the wife of ‘O Maestrale, Carmine Paternoster is’ ​​O Munaciello, one of the leaders of Secondigliano. It’s still Antonio Ferrante And Nunzia Schiano, respectively ‘O Galantommo and Nunzia, his wife.

GOMORRA – FINAL SEASON | Every Friday on Sky and streaming on NOW. The first two episodes are available on demand on Sky and streaming on NOW


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