Gomorrah 5, plot and review of episode 2 of the final season


Genny arrived in Riga to find Ciro, after Don Aniello revealed that his friend was still alive and in the Latvian capital. The meeting takes place at the port where the two stare at each other for a long time and only at the end the tension is dissolved by a hug. The two have lunch together, in absolute silence and only at the exit of the Genny restaurant (WATCH THE VIDEO IN WHICH SALVATORE ESPOSITO TALKS ABOUT HIS CHARACTER) asks his friend why he hasn’t returned to Naples. Ciro (WATCH THE VIDEO IN WHICH MARCO D’AMORE TALKS ABOUT HIS CHARACTER) explains that he was forced by Don Aniello. Gennaro tries to convince him to come back to help him rearrange things, but the Immortal refuses: he has nothing to return to Naples for, the world he believed in no longer exists, his dearest affections are no longer there. The confrontation between the two is calm but heated, each one carries forward his motivations, Genny offers to go with Ciro to speak with a new Russian contact to explain to him that the supplier has changed after Don Aniello’s death and now the drugs will always arrive. from Naples but from another channel.


Genny versus Ciro

During a kickboxing match, the two meet Ilya Kuranov to negotiate the supply of 100 kilos of the drug to be placed on the Russian market. A shootout occurs when you leave the casino where the match took place. Kuranov’s men kill Ciro’s Latvian partner and take the latter away, while Genny remains unharmed observing the scene. Ciro is locked up in the cell of a large building in the middle of the countryside while Genny concludes an agreement with Kuranov in Riga and then asks to be able to visit his friend. Here, from behind the peephole of the security door, he reveals to him why he decided to have him taken prisoner by the Russians: when he needed him, Ciro abandoned him, ran away and didn’t think about him anymore, and now he has to atone for his faults in a gulag, never seeing when it is day and when it is night, thinking only of the people who loved him and he killed, like Debora, Mariarita and Genny himself. Ciro holds his gaze and replies by telling him that he has never been at his height, he has always remained the frightened boy who does not sleep at night, the wrong son of Don Pietro, who has always had more respect for Ciro than for Gennaro. After leaving the prison where Ciro is locked up, Genny is forced to stop with his car due to a panic attack.

The escape and return of the Immortal

Ciro’s imprisonment continues in suffering. The Immortal does not eat the food that is brought to him and for this reason the guards decide to beat him, forcing him to swallow the meat mash that has accumulated in the dog bowls left on the floor over the days. But he has decided to end it and tries to kill himself by choking on a sweatshirt. The guards intervene to stop him, drag him out of the cell to rescue him, and he carries out what turns out to be an escape plan. He kills the guard left with him and manages to escape in a rowboat despite being hunted, reaching a trailer on the river bank and being welcomed by the family who live there. Here he is tracked down by Kuranov and his men, whom he ambushes by killing them all with the help of his rescuers. The next morning Ciro gets on a pick-up and is accompanied to the border. He has decided to return to Naples, where Genny is waiting for him. And where a new Camorra war is about to break out.


To host the second episode of Gomorrah – Final season (READ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW) is the cold Riga, the place of the long-awaited meeting between Genny and Ciro. The leaden sky of the Latvian capital seems to reflect the restless souls of the two protagonists, who find themselves after an entire season that Genny spent tormenting himself in the belief that he had killed his best friend with his own hands and against his will. And the chemistry between Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore is the same as always. The shot shifts from Genny’s grim gaze to Ciro’s melancholy and guilt-filled eyes. The tension is palpable for long interminable seconds and is dissolved only at the end by an embrace that hides too many conflicting feelings.

A long silence broken by a Latvian waiter

It takes several minutes to hear the first words of the episode, because Genny and Ciro look at each other in silence even sitting at a restaurant table. The first to open his mouth is a waiter who speaks Russian, helping to make the viewer’s experience even more alienating. The verbal confrontation between the two only begins outside the restaurant and everything revolves around a trust that Genny seems to have lost in his friend. Why did Ciro leave? Why hasn’t he come back? Why doesn’t he want to come back now? These are the questions that torment a Gennaro whose breathing becomes heavier and heavier. “Friendship is the most beautiful thing that exists”, he says to Ciro, but “yes, a friend betrays you, is he always a friend, Cirù?”. “I never betrayed you”, the Immortal replies, but Genny doesn’t think so and in his heart he has already decided to punish him.

The mirror-like solitudes of Ciro and Genny

To further raise the tension are Genny’s breaths and the use of slow motion in one of the main scenes, that of the shooting outside the casino, the one in which Genny has Ciro kidnapped by the Russians. The dialogue in the gulag instead marks the turning point, the moment of definitive rupture between the two now former friends. “Pray that I never get out of here,” Ciro says to Genny before he goes away and at the height of a tense discussion in which the two have spit on each other all the poison they have. It is the culmination of a climax that began with silence and which grew with increasingly harsh and clear words. But Ciro and Genny, increasingly distant, are actually closer than ever. Genny is afraid, she suffers from panic attacks. Something in him has broken, a little at a time, and the ghosts come back to visit him. He has lost everything, as has Ciro. The two are equally marginalized in two parallel and symmetrical solitudes, both forced to live in a hovel: Genny in the bunker where he took refuge so as not to be captured by the police, Ciro in the cell where the man who he was once his best friend. But it is precisely from this imprisonment that Ciro finds the spring to return to live, to leave the safe retreat into which he had hunted and return to Naples. Not next to Genny, as he was proposed at the beginning of the episode, but against him.


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