Gomorrah 5, plot and review of episode 7

Gomorrah – Final season, episode 7: the plot

The Taliban have Genny find his cargo van with Ivan’s lifeless body inside. Faced with yet another slap received by Ciro, Canzuncella expresses to ‘O Munaciello his doubts about Genny’s holding on to power. ‘O Munaciello, however, quickly brings his younger brother back to order. Without a broker, Genny is found looking for another one and finds a Slovenian, ‘O Munaciello, however, has to go and meet him in Trieste. Meanwhile, Ciro gets back on track for good with the drug stolen from the load for Genny, ready to launch the final attack. Back home, Genny has another heated confrontation with Azzurra, who shows him all her contempt and her willingness to take Pietro and go away. Genny takes her by the wrist and squeezes it, threatening her. The army of the Immortal, on the other hand, continues to grow, the men who, unhappy with Genny and the other managements, follow it, are more and more numerous.

Genny on the hunt for funding

‘O Munaciello returns from Trieste with a deal not yet done. The Slovenian broker asks for all the money immediately, without waiting for the cargo to leave, he is no longer satisfied with the advance given to him by Genny. So the boss goes to the entrepreneurs close to him and asks them to borrow money. The situation, however, remains complicated, and even Donna Luciana begins to doubt Genny. The perplexity she manifests to her husband, to whom she proposes to go to the other side of the fence. ‘O Maestrale, however, refuses and hits her with a backhand on the face. Donna Luciana, however, does not let herself be intimidated and goes to talk to Nunzia. The widow of ‘O Galantommo receives her despite the friction between the two. Ciro is also at the meeting, to whom Luciana reports on Genny’s moves, promising him the names of entrepreneurs close to Gennaro in exchange for an alliance.

The betrayal of Donna Luciana

Obtained by deception from ‘O Maestrale the name of one of the entrepreneurs who support Genny, Donna Luciana refers them to Ciro. Enzo then goes to Don Paolo, owner of the paper mill, offering him 500 thousand euros and promising him another 500 if he does not grant Genny the loan he asked for. When Genny returns to the paper mill with ‘O Maestrale, he does not find Don Paolo but only one of his employees, who gives him a package from the owner. Inside there are 100 thousand euros, one twentieth of the amount requested by Genny, who leaves visibly irritated. Don Paolo is with Ciro, Nunzia and Enzo, who promise him protection: he will have three bodyguards provided by them. The Immortal, however, is not satisfied with a name and asks Donna Luciana for others to respect her part of the agreement. This then goes to talk to Azzurra to ask her to betray Genny by becoming a spy.

Azzurra’s choice

Azzurra gives Luciana an envelope containing the names of the entrepreneurs close to Genny. The wife of ‘O Maestrale therefore goes to the Garibaldi metro station to meet Enzo, to whom she gives the envelope in exchange for a bag full of money. Luciana asks Enzo the reason for the loyalty of so many men to Ciro, she asks him what is so special about him, he answers her by prophesying a future on Ciro’s side. The latter goes to dinner at Nunzia’s house. When Enzo returns to the car, he finds Ronni dead and he too falls victim to an ambush by ‘O Munaciello, who kidnaps him to take him to Ciro, highlighting Azzurra’s double game. It is she who meets Luciana on her return, she, who revealed everything to Genny, who arrives immediately after the meeting.

The end of Blue Blood

Enzo is tied up and brought in front of Genny, who beats him into a coma, first with his bare hands, then with a baseball bat. Meanwhile, O ‘Maestrale goes to the paper mill for a punitive expedition in which employees are killed and Don Paolo kidnapped. When dinner with Nunzia ends, Ciro receives a phone call from Bell’e Buono, who tells him about the situation. Ciro immediately returns to the base and finds Bell’e buona in front of Enzo’s body, with his face split by Genny’s blows. To kill his friend, now dying, it is Ciro, who suffocates him and remains staring at him with tears in his eyes.

Showdown and requiem

Genny takes Donna Luciana to her house, waiting for the return of ‘O Maestrale. When he returns, he tells him about his wife’s betrayal, leaving them alone. ‘O Maestrale takes Donna Luciana away from home, while Genny receives Don Gaetano, another of the entrepreneurs he has contacted, at home, persuaded to help him after Don Paolo’s end. In the base of Ciro, on the other hand, Enzo’s wake is held, in which Nunzia and the others swear eternal fidelity to the Immortal.


The seventh episode of Gomorrah – Final season (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW) is probably one of the most powerful ever seen in the entire series. It is evident that, as the finish line approaches, the rhythm of the blows rises, exacerbating the sense of the tragedy of this latest and increasingly spectacular chapter. And it is also an episode that overturns the prospects of a war several times that, with three episodes still to be seen, we do not yet know how it will end. Because even if everyone tells us that Ciro will win it, Genny shows that he still has several arrows in his bow and appears to be able to overturn the situation several times.

Desperate Genny

Everyone doubts him, starting with Canzuncella, the younger brother of ‘O Munaciello, ending with Donna Luciana, who had been his most ardent supporter in the first six episodes. On the other hand, we have an increasingly stronger, more and more confident Ciro. Genny. The relationship with Azzurra remains extremely ambiguous, so far the only one still of humanity for Genny, now apparently unable herself to stem the violent fury of her husband, who in this episode, for the first time, comes to a physical confrontation with her, taking and twisting her a pulse and threatening her with even more serious consequences. The boss’s situation is so desperate that he is forced to borrow money from entrepreneurs close to him.

Women increasingly protagonists

Women are increasingly central protagonists of the narrative. And they are certainly independent women, capable of making their own choices even by challenging social conventions, their husbands, fate. In addition to Nunzia, by now the backbone of the new alliance built by Ciro, Donna Luciana emerges strongly, who against the will of ‘O Maestrale decides to turn her back on Genny and finds the courage to go to the wolf’s den, to the widow’s house. of the man killed by her husband, to parley with Ciro and Nunzia. In this spiral of conspiracies and betrayals, Luciana tries to drag Azzurra too, but she remains faithful to Genny. Not an indicator of subordination, but an independent choice once again, made in the name of Pietro, the son who remains the only thing that unites the two.

Azzurra, Genny’s ace in the hole

The turning point takes place right here, in the choice of Azzurra, which allows Genny to capture Enzo and inflict a very hard blow on the Taliban. The dialogue between the two has features of pure epicity: “You are not beating me, you are beating yourself,” Enzo tells him; “And but chillo that loses or sango si tu”, answers Ciro. Enzo, however, is not afraid of dying: “You cannot kill me, now I am also Immortal”. And in fact Genny does not kill him, he leaves him at the end of his life, with his face split by a baseball bat in a scene that remembers the Al Capone de The Untouchables, and hands it back to Ciro.

The tragic nature of Enzo’s death

That it is Ciro who kills his brother Blue Blood, in an act of extreme pity in front of a boy who is now only able to breathe, is in some way the most fitting epilogue for a character who, out of fraternal friendship, had repeatedly reiterated that he was willing to give life. Here too it seems to relive the final moments of the third season, when Genny shot Ciro, but if it is possible, in this sui generis murder, there is even more humanity and pain than those who had guided Genny’s hand.

A scene destined to go down in history

To sanction the reversal of the equilibrium, with the balance hanging back on Gennaro’s side, is the vertical tracking shot that slowly, from the feet to the face, shows the body of Don Paolo hanged in the factories of his paper mill. A message of renewed strength and power from the Savastano clan. The wake for Enzo, the gloomy and opaque photograph, lit only by candles, the Taliban assembly listening to Ciro’s speech and then swearing allegiance to him in a sort of pagan religious rite, make up a scene destined to remain in the memory as a of the best of the whole series and of the history of Italian and international television. Ciro, the man, is no longer there, only the mythological and, in his own way, hieratic figure of the Immortal remain in his place.


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