Gomorrah 5, plot and review of the first episode of the final season


Having retired on the run in a bunker, Gennaro is hunted by the police and nightmares. His most faithful ally, now, is’ O Maestrale, who had helped him in the final of the fourth season and who still stands by his side. Grazia Levante is questioned by the magistrate Walter Ruggeri, from whom she asks for news of her brother Michelangelo. The magistrate’s answer is not the most reassuring: the hypothesis is that he too, like his parents, was killed, and that the only way he can avenge his family is to talk and say what he knows. Saro and Francesco, who are waiting for Grazia in their car, have no intention of collaborating with justice, they prefer to seek personal revenge. Gennaro (WATCH THE VIDEO OF SALVATORE ESPOSITO WHO TALKS ABOUT HIS CHARACTER), however, has a plan and intends to carry it out during the funeral of Gerlando and Benedetta, which is held in Rome under police supervision. In an interview with the family lawyer, the same one who assisted Don Pietro for many years, Gennaro tries to understand what are the accusations that the magistrate Ruggeri intends to make against him.


The attack on the funeral

On the day of the funeral, Gennaro leaves the bunker in disguise to be able to see Azzurra and little Pietro from afar. The child was accompanied by his mother to the rides and asks her when his father will come back: “Love, dad doesn’t come back, he never comes back”, is the answer of Azzurra (WATCH THE VIDEO OF IVANA LOTITO WHO TALKS ABOUT HER CHARACTER). Meanwhile ‘O Maestrale (WATCH THE VIDEO WITH THE PRESENTATION OF THE NEW CHARACTERS) abandons the baptism ceremony of little Lucrezia Maria Immacolata, of whom he is godfather, while the priest still speaks on the altar, to go to the Verano cemetery, where he came to know that Saro, Francesco and Grazia Levante will give their parents a last farewell. It is the opportunity that Gennaro was waiting for to close the accounts with that part of his family that has turned its back on him. ‘O Maestrale and his men are stationed inside the cemetery when they receive a phone call: a trap has been set for them and the police are closing the gates to prevent them from escaping. The white van is chased by police cars between the Verano avenues, but ‘O Maestrale and his most faithful men manage to escape by hiding among the tombs and underground crypts. Feeling betrayed by the young man who collected the information by making them fall into a trap, or at least not forgiving him the mistake, ‘O Maestrale kills him by strangling him. The funeral of Gerlando and Benedetta is held in absolute secrecy and with a very private ceremony at the Prima Porta cemetery, where Saro learns of the failed attack by ‘O Maestrale.

The end of ‘O Diplomato

‘O Diplomato goes to the house of’ O Maestrale to bring a message from Don Aniello. The Capaccos are unhappy with what the Levantis are doing in Secondigliano and ‘O Diplomato proposes an alliance to Donna Luciana to get rid of what remains of the family. Genny is dissatisfied with the failure of the Verano attack and is in the midst of a heated confrontation with ‘O Maestrale when Donna Luciana arrives to relay the message of’ O Diplomato to him. It is O Maestrale who has to negotiate with the Capaccos, going to Don Aniello’s house and receiving a proposal from him. The appointment is set for the same evening and turns out to be a trap. As the car that should contain Gennaro Savastano stops, Saro Levante shoots a rocket at you, causing it to blow up. ‘O Graduate rejoices, but Genny and’ O Maestrale come out from behind a wall and fire. While the shooting rages, Genny and ‘O Maestrale capture’ O Diplomato, they are led by him to the home of Don Aniello (Nello Mascia) and here Genny executes him in front of his uncle. In front of the armed boss, with the body of his now lifeless nephew next to him, Don Aniello reveals a shocking truth to Genny: Ciro Di Marzio is alive, he is in Riga and has left Gennaro “only with the remorse of having killed him”. Gennaro leaves the house in shock, recomposes himself, returns and kills Don Aniello with his bare hands.


Gomorrah – Final season (EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW) opens with the anguish of an increasingly isolated Genny, hunted down by the police who stop anyone who looks even vaguely like him on the street, surrounded by enemies. It is the solitude that takes place in a bare and shabby bunker, a cubicle with a small bed to sleep that perfectly returns an atmosphere of desperate claustrophobia, only one man to trust, ‘O Maestrale, after having lost Ciro (WATCH THE VIDEO OF MARCO D’AMORE TALKING ABOUT HIS CHARACTER) and Patrizia and having had to abandon Azzurra and Pietro. In the eyes of Gennaro who, incognito and from inside a car, observes his wife in the distance telling his son that “Daddy won’t come back” there is the whole nightmare of a boy who didn’t want to be like his father and instead he found himself retracing its steps faithfully. “It is not a refuge, it is a prison, and I closed myself inside with my own hands”, Gennaro says to ‘O Maestrale in one of the many dialogues destined to remain in the viewer’s memory, as in the tradition of Gomorrah.

A second part full of action

But Gomorrah he claims his dose of blood, his cynicism, the closing of several open accounts. The one with the Levant, first of all, who after burying Gerlando and Benedetta seek revenge and have no intention of getting it through the magistrate Ruggeri. And the one with the Capaccos, who once again try to extricate themselves in a dangerous double game. All framed in the representation of the coexistence between life and death, between a baptism and a funeral that seems to have to be a prologue to still others. The episode, however, is all a long wait towards the big reveal. And at least as much as the presence of a very good Salvatore Esposito, to fill the screen is an absence that we know will last a little longer, that of Ciro Di Marzio, whose return is promised in an ending that is once again animated by the gaze of Gennaro , no longer lost and distressed, but distraught with anger. A Gennaro poised between the hope of re-embracing a friend and the rancor for having been forced to live with a sense of guilt that in reality had no basis.


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