Gomorrah 5, who are the new characters: many new arrivals in the cast

Everything is ready for “Gomorrah 5”, the final season of the beloved television series: who are the new characters in the cast

The first two episodes of the beloved television series are on the way (already available on Now Tv). The fifth season will also be the last. Confirmations and new entries in the cast: who are the new characters?

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Gomorrah 5, the new characters in the cast: who they are (Source: Instagram)

Gomorrah 5, who are the new characters in the cast

Gomorrah is a television series freely inspired by best seller by Roberto Saviano. The series has been on air since 2014 on Sky Italia and has had an extraordinary success, so much so that it has also been exported to the world.

In 2014, it was sold in more than fifty countries, including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Latin America, Scandinavia, Israel, Mongolia and many more. In June 2015, distribution reached a total of 113 countries, and the following year even reached 170 countries. The television series is now in its fifth season, out tomorrow on Sky Italia.

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The first two episodes of the fifth season di Gomorrah will air this evening on Sky Serie. Being the last season, many twists are expected. In the meantime we list the new arrivals in cast of the beloved television series

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Salvatore Esposito Gomorrah 5
  • ‘O Mistral (Mimmo Borrelli)

He is the ferocious boss of Ponticelli. He spent twenty years in prison. In prison he even ate the heart of his enemy. Genny will choose him as his ally to win the war against the Levant and recover Secondigliano.

  • Luciana woman (Tania Garibba)

She is the wife of ‘O Maestrale, with a small appearance but with a ferocious character like her husband and a shrewd intelligence. She is the mind of the couple. Together they form an unbreakable couple and now they want to get what they deserve.

  • ‘O Munaciello (Carmine Paternoster)

He is one of the main square in Secondigliano, probably the one that matters least of all. Small and taciturn, he hardly ever talks about himself and mostly loves to listen to what others say. ‘O Munaciello will be able to exploit the moment, exploiting the most convenient ally in his favor.

  • O gentleman (Antonio Ferrante)

Don Vincenzo Carignano is the boss of a small town on the slopes of Vesuvius. They call him ‘O Galantommo because he is always kind and generous and above all tied to ancient values. Ancient because now they no longer exist.

  • Nunzia (Nunzia Schiano)

She is the wife of ‘O Galantuomo. They have been married for nearly fifty years. She carries with dignity and discretion the mourning for the loss of her son, who died of an incurable disease while still young. A new bereavement will upset her life.