Gomorrah, do you know where we have already seen ‘O Munaciello? Impossible to forget!

Do you know where we have already seen ‘O Munaciello from “Gomorra – the series”? It is truly impossible to forget, here is where

He is one of the new characters of the fifth and final season of “Gomorrah – the series”. His performance pleased the audience. The actor had already starred in a very famous film. Do you remember which one we are talking about? If you don’t remember, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Where have we already seen ‘O Munaciello di Gomorra? (Source: Instagram)

Where we have already seen ‘O Munaciello di Gomorra

The fifth and final season of “Gomorrah – the series”Was full of twists. The television series is confirmed as a winning product. In Italy it was a success, both with the public and with critics. The fifth season ended last Friday. The ending left everyone speechless, but we don’t want to do it spoiler in case there was anyone who hadn’t seen it yet.

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Among the new characters of the fifth season of “Gomorra” stands out ‘O Munaciello. He is one of the foremen of Secondigliano, probably the one that matters least of all. He is small and taciturn and because of his stature he is called by this nickname. He hardly ever talks about himself and mostly loves to hear what others say. ‘O Munaciello will be able to exploit the moment, exploiting the most convenient ally in his favor.

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The character of ‘O Munaciello is played by Carmine Paternoster. As reported mymovies, the actor has been in prison in the past. Instead, he made his debut as a theatrical actor in 2003, working with directors Sergio Longobardi and Peppe Lanzetta. In 2006 he stands out in “Chiove” directed by Francesco Saponaro and in 2009 he is Trinculo in “The Tempest” directed by Andrea De Rosa. In 2014 he played “Hamlet travestie”.

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Few of you will remember it, but Carmine, before “Gomorrah – the series”, was already the protagonist in a very famous film. We are talking about the film “Gomorra” by Matteo Garrone. Paternoster plays a part alongside Toni Servillo.
Recently, however, he also starred in Leonardo Di Costanzo’s “The interval”.