Gonzalo Valenzuela stole the hearts of viewers with his last appearance on TV

The Chilean actor Gonzalo Valenzuela opened his heart in the first episode of the new season of “De tú a tú”. In an intimate interview with Martín Cárcamo, the actor showed his house, introduced his children and recalled the greatest tragedies in his life. In addition, he declared that Juana Viale, his ex-partner, is “the most important woman I have had in my life.”

A walk through the life of Gonzalo Valenzuela

In the program, Martín Cárcamo traveled first to the Maitencillo beach and then to Buenos Aires to talk with Gonzalo Valenzuela. The actor has been living in Region V since the pandemic, where he lives alone in his wooden house, built by himself.

Gonzalo Valenzuela, a fighting father

Valenzuela spoke about his role as the father of three children: Silvestre (15), Ali (10) and Anka (3). The two oldest live in Buenos Aires with their mother, Juana Viale, while the youngest lives in Chile. “I define myself as a fighting father. An apprentice, ”Gonzalo said about his fatherhood.

Gonzalo Valenzuela and his childhood

During the interview, Gonzalo Valenzuela recalled his childhood, growing up with a very strict father and a very liberal mother. According to the actor, his father was very conservative and macho, and he raised him under patterns that he today considers wrong. “I love my old man with all my heart, but they are patterns that I don’t want to repeat, I fight not to repeat them,” said the actor.

Tragedies and family separations

Valenzuela also recalled one of the greatest tragedies of his life, the separation from his father. At the age of 14, his father had to leave the country due to the bankruptcy of his company. Gonzalo moved to his mother’s house and had to get used to a much less strict and freer life.