Gonzalo Valenzuela’s crude confession about the harassment that he constantly experiences

Gonzalo Valenzuela He opened a controversial debate about the harassment experienced by men in the show. He recounted different events throughout his life that caused multiple reactions. With a slightly wrong position, Valenzuela testified to his harsh truth: “I have been much more abused than all the women I know. That they yell at you in the street, that they touch your poto, everything we are against, It happens to me all the time,” he said on a web show called “We have to talk about sex.”

Gonzalo. Source: Instagram @gonzalovalenzuelaoficial

From there the debate was opened, and they consulted him about what was said in “Las Últimas Noticias”. Over there valenzuela He explained that it happens to him more than anything on social networks “I get photos of naked mines and I say ‘why?’

Gonzalo He blames his character the “Hose” for this situation. In a play, Valenzuela used to appear naked, and they classified him as a “hose” because of his physical attributes. In any case, Gonzalo was not alone in publicly denouncing him. The Brazilian Bruno Zaretti joined him with similar stories: “I understand it, I share it, because it is like that, just like that. In my case, for example, at events they touch you. They bit me once. They scratch us, they pull us everywhere, it’s complicated, because you don’t know how to react when they do that,” he lamented.

Bruno Zaretti. Source: Instagram @brunozaretti

In addition, the actor Hernán Contreras and Bernardo Borgeat also supported him. But who was more responsible with his story was the iconic member of “Mekano” Philippe Trillatwho also spoke with “We have to talk about sex” and told how he approached the subject with the person who harassed him, contributed his perspective with a slightly more accurate vision:

Philippe. Source: Pinterest

“The first thing I did was talk to this person, but it didn’t work out much. Then I talked to a group (close to her), so that they would support me, all in a respectful way, and it worked. I think they are minimal situations that in no case reach to tie the field or be what a woman can suffer. But that it is uncomfortable, it is, “he closed taking into account the reality of many women around the world, and the systematic harassment they experience.