Good morning mom! 2, the cast of the fiction with Raoul Bova

Come back Good morning mom! 2the fiction starring Raoul Bova whose first season aired from 21 April 2021. Produced by Lux Vide, it is directed by Giulio Manfredonia and Matteo Mandelli.

The rich cast returns in the second season. Starting with Raoul Bova, who has been focused on the small screen for years now, from The doctors to Ultimate – Hunt for Narcosuntil The Queen of the South And Made in Italy. To interpret his wife is instead Maria Chiara Giannetta, known above all for the role of Captain Anna Olivieri in Don Matteo (in which Raoul Bova took over the role of star after Terence Hill’s departure.

Good morning mom! 2: the cast

Raoul Bova is Guido Borghi, Maria Chiara Giannetta is his wife Anna Della Rosa.

The protagonist couple has four children: Elena Funari (The hunter 3) is Francesca, Oscar Giuggioli (The lay down, One step from heaven, Under the Riccione sun) is Jacopo, Ginevra Francesconi (Parents vs. Influencers) is Sun, Marco Valerio Bartocci (The war is over) is Michael.

Rounding out the cast:

● Stella Egypt as Maurizio Scalzi

● Luca Angeletti as Carmine

● Barbara Folchitto as Lucrezia Della Rosa

● Filippo Gili as Filippo Della Rosa

● Thomas Santu as Mauro

● Giovanni Nasta as Gregorio known as “Greg”

● Kelum Giordano as Karim;

● Federico Cesari as Federico

● Alessandro Cosentini as Paolo

● Nicoletta di Bisceglie as Lea;

● Domenico Diele as Vincenzo Colaprico

The plot

During the first season, Anna goes into a coma. A tragic event, which unites her family but which brings with it numerous consequences. Guido approaches Agata, nurse and daughter of Maurizia Scalzi, as well as an old friend of Anna. Agata is convinced that Anna is involved in the disappearance of her mother. To help her in her investigations we find the deputy commissioner Vincenzo Colaprico, an old flame of Maurizia, who tries to accuse Guido of her murder. The season ends with a twist: Sole is not the daughter of Guido and Anna, but of Maurizia. Anna saved her from the fire, set – it turns out – by Colaprico. In reality, Maurizia is not dead. Indeed, she had shown up at Anna’s door the very day the coma began.

What will happen in Good morning mom! 2, so? Anna will wake up from the coma, first of all, and she will find herself dealing with children older than eight years (and with pregnant Sun). She will not lack mystery, drama or emotion.