Good morning mom 3: twist, what pops out

Good morning mom 3 will there be or do we have to say goodbye to the series? What has emerged in this regard in these hours, there is a twist.

The fiction Buongiorno Mamma ended with the second season Friday 17 March 2023. In these six new episodes we have once again followed the story of the Borghi family, where at the center of the plot, starting from Anna and Guido, all the characters have been there. We have seen in the foreground a past strongly linked to the present.

Good morning mom 3, will it be done? Here is what emerged (credits: mediaset play) sologossip

In fact, the second part of the series opened with the awakening of the woman. After being in a coma for more than 7 years comes the twist. She desperately wants to know what happened that bad day. After having also learned that Sole is not the daughter of the protagonists of the house, the scenes intertwined until they finally broke up and brought the truth to the surface. In the last few episodes we discovered that it was Carmine who caused the illness that brought Anna into a coma, Mauro’s uncle. The latter is the bartender who started dating Agata for ulterior motives.

The man also killed Maurizia, the missing woman whose investigation was the protagonist, together with the other mysteries, of fiction. Since she had witnessed the scene of her illness, she kills her. Finally, fearing that everything might come out, he kidnaps Anna. When he is about to kill her he is found and arrested. The season finale ended with all cases solved. The public became passionate about Buongiorno mamma by following the episodes from beginning to end and for this reason many are wondering if there will be a third seasonHere’s what emerged in this regard.

Good morning mom 3 will it be done? Twist, what emerged

After the success of the first e of the second season of Good morning mom, many wonder if there will also be a third. In fact, viewers would like to immerse themselves in new adventures where the protagonist is the Borghi family and all the other characters. There is a twist in this regard. In an interview with Fanpage, Elena Bucaccio, screenwriter of the series, he spoke precisely of the possibility of a new season.

When asked whether he will be there or not, he lets it be known that he doesn’t want to say goodbye but the second one could be self-contained: But the series is so loved, Canale 5 would like to bring it back. If the square was found with the actors, the creativity to continue is not lacking”. Bucaccio explained that she would love to be able to continue with other episodes and new twists since the ideas are there too.

good morning mom 3 new season
Good morning mom 3, will it be there? The whole truth (credits: mediaset play) only gossip

However, he says that with very busy actors like Maria Chiara Giannetta and Raoul Bova it would be necessary to find a way and the time to be able to shoot. Finally, he explains that Lux Vide, the Italian television and film production house and Mediaset, would also like to make the third season. At the moment nothing is confirmed but apparently there is the possibility of being able to see the continuation of the story that was the center of Buongiorno mamma.