Good practices for sustainable development, the winners of the Zero Spreco Living Award

Twelve categories to monitor the commitment of society, institutions and businesses in view of 2030, a crucial milestone for the objectives of the United Nations Agenda

A roundup of best practices for sustainable development, with 12 categories designed to monitor the commitment of society, institutions and businesses in view of 2030, a crucial milestone for the objectives of the United Nations Agenda: the Zero Spreco Living Award, this year in its tenth edition, announces the winners of the small ‘Oscars’ of sustainability assigned, for 2022, by the Zero Waste campaign of Last Minute Market, with the patronage of the Ministries of Ecological Transition, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Labor and Social Policies, with the media partnership of Rai Radio2 and in synergy with the Representation of the European Commission in Italy, Anci, the Emilia Romagna Region.

There were 12 categories in the competition: from Public Administrations to Businesses to Schools, from Citizens and Associations to the Circular Economy, InnovAction, Biodiversity, Non-Fiction, Mediterranean Diet, Fruit and Vegetables, and above all, in 2022 of the great drought and the war in Ukraine, the special Water/Energy category. “Our recognition is a sign of confidence in the commitment of society and citizens towards 2030: in this tenth edition of the Award we have monitored ideas and projects of high scientific, ethical and technological value, at every level – explains the founder Spreco Zero , the agroeconomist Andrea Segrèflanked by the 2022 Good Practice Ambassadors of the Spreco Zero campaign, the science communicator Eliana Liotta and the author and presenter of Caterpillar Rai Radio2 Massimo Cirri – Not only academic research and dissemination, but also the daily commitment of many associations, schools and individual citizens can guide us towards the 2030 Goals, a goal that is looming ever closer and more crucial for the future of the human species on the planet”.

And here the winners of the tenth edition of the Zero Spreco Living Award: in the category Public entities first prize to the project of the Municipality of Imola, Nothing is thrown away, which feeds a dense network of recovery, waste prevention and solidarity with needy families in the area, combining attention to sustainability and that of the weakest sections of the population. In the category businesses Canù wins, the project of the first straw produced in organic pasta, without GMOs: it is a gluten-free straw and above all a #plasticfree gift to the planet, tasty and healthy for the fish should it get lost in the seas. For the category InnovActionalways one of the most interesting because it indicates roads and technologies that ‘make the future’, the 2022 title goes to the University of Parma with the Ipsus project, for the recovery and valorisation of proteins extracted from by-products and waste from some vegetable supply chains ( pumpkin, hazelnut, grape, potato, brewer’s grain and seaweed), otherwise set to join the estimated 1.6 billion tonnes of annual global food losses and waste.

In the category Biodiversity the Catholic University of Milan wins, leader of From seed to spoon, the scientific and popular project aimed not only at educating young people on the protection of biodiversity, but also on a concrete repopulation of greenery and endangered species extinction in urban areas, with special focus on plants and butterflies. In the category ofCircular economy the Jury awarded the reuse district Le Radici di Formigine, a point of reference for citizens, in which it is possible to deliver used objects that are still usable or repairable, preventing the generation of waste and offering employment opportunities to citizens of vulnerable groups. And again, in the special category anti-waste energy/water wins the project of the Cts H2 startup of Brugnera (PN) for the ethical and solidarity energy project with the production of green hydrogen from rainwater: an ideal patent for renewable energy communities that stores the hydrogen produced and derives electricity from it, heat and an alternative fuel for sustainable mobility.

There are many good practices coming from civil society: always for the water/energy section there are citizen strategies, the title for the best good practice goes to Piero Franco Mendicino creator of an agricultural network attentive to consumption. And again among the citizens, the Prize goes to the student Janet Pitarresi for her research on green cities as a pragmatic defense against the trend towards climate change and for improving the quality of life of people in cities. In the section schools it is the Isis Aldo Moro of Trani that wins, with the Ecology and Solidarity project which involved the students in the ‘de-scaffalisation’ of damaged products or products close to expiry from the hypermarket, to use them in practical exercises and to offer a free meal to the subjects needy.

The cross-section of the Italian citizens’ associationswhich offer a myriad of examples of good practices and testify to their commitment every day from the front lines of sustainability: the Solidarity Citizens of Matera win with the Cibus network for the daily recovery of fresh food surpluses from bakeries, greengrocers and bars in the city; special mention for Assocea Messina Aps which promoted environmental education activities through the Fcr2.0 project and civic and environmental education training courses. Finally, good practices also for food styles that make the difference: in the category Mediterranean diet wins the Med Index for a new labeling that protects olive oil and the Mediterranean diet, a project curated and promoted by the expert and academic Marialuisa Clodoveo, of the University of Bari. And in the category Fruit and vegetables the 2022 title goes to Melinda, who supports the commitment to nutritional enhancement and the prevention of product waste, also raising apple consumers’ awareness in this direction.

There award ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 29 November in Bologna (Palazzo d’Accursio, 3 pm). The Zero Spreco Living Award is supported by a team of companies and institutions committed to promoting the values ​​linked to sustainable development, each supporting an objective of the Award. They are Conai, Eni, Emil Banca, Conad, Natura Nuova, Unitec, Assomela, Alce Nero, Camst. Together with the founder Last Minute Market and Spreco Zero Andrea Segrè, the scientific coordinator Luca Falasconi, professor at the University of Bologna, the project manager of the Spreco Zero campaign Daniela Volpe and the head of the secretariat Anna Barbero are in charge of the award.