Goodbye Fazio and Littizzetto to Rai, Salvini: “Belli ciao”

The tweet of the leader of the League

“Goodbye”. As Matthew Salvinisecretary of the League and minister of Infrastructures, in a tweet, complete with an iconized hand, commented on the news of thefarewell of Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto to Rai. The host, after a 40-year career in public television, will move to Discovery on the basis of a four-year contract.

“Fazio is an adult, he will choose. Certainly some maxi multimillion salaries in times of crisis, on public TV, must be reduced and discussed, regardless of names and surnames”, Salvini said this morning on Radio24 before Fazio’s farewell became official.

The tweet is the latest lunge from the leader of the League, who has not spared his certificates of ‘disregard’ for the popular TV host over the years. In the last electoral campaign, last September, somewhat surprisingly, Savini withdrew the idea of ​​abolishing the Rai license fee for Italians. “Rai license fee removed from Italian citizens’ bills and taxes – he said from the centre-right stage in Piazza del Popolo on 22 September -. And if Fabio Fazio wants to hold rallies, if he pays for them out of his own pocket”.

Sparks that have never been lacking in recent years. The news of the exchange of tweets between the two in January 2019. The presenter of ‘Che tempo che fa’ writes his opinion on the eviction and closure of the Cara di Castelnuovo di Porto, in the province of Rome, defining it a “proof of inhumanity and inconsistency”. An accusation that the then Minister of the Interior of the Conte government does not really like: “The millionaire (against the Italians) says I am inhuman – he replies on Twitter -. The more they get rich, the more they lose touch with reality. He collects What’s up with you, I’m going ahead in the name of common sense and respect for the rules. Big kisses”. A few days earlier, the Northern League leader scolded Fazio for his salary: “Fabio Fazio earns in a month as much as the Minister of the Interior earns perhaps in a year – he always wrote via social media -. A month to go and do the TV show, a year to be the minister responsible for the security of 60 million people”.

Even the other Northern League supporters don’t miss Fazio’s barbs, as happens when Claudio Borghi, the Eurosceptic economist of the League, one of the most listened to by Matteo Salvini, says, interviewed by AdnKronos, in October 2019, that “not we managed to get Fazio out of Rai, let alone get Italy out of the euro, especially now that we’re not even in government”. Words that Fazio relaunches on his social profiles: “For those who want to understand what happened to me professionally, here is the explanation. Unheard of!”. Over the years, Salvini has never gone to Fazio’s living room. “We have invited Salvini several times, but we have never had a formal response”, the conductor repeats several times. “To Fabio Fazio – Salvini’s words – I said it clearly: I’ll come to you on the show if you halve your salary. He never answered me again: it is clear that he was offended”.

REACTIONS – Salvini’s tweet ends up in the sights of the Democratic Party. “‘Being assholes is the gift of a few, doing it on purpose is the stuff of idiots’ (cit.)”, writes Matteo Orfini responding to the Northern League leader’s twitter. “Embarrassing, an embarrassing minister,” tweeted Alessia Morani. “The dizzying sensation of having a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister who behaves like a 6-year-old child. While we’re at it, Minister, why doesn’t the Strait Bridge propose to do it with Lego?”, writes the deputy dem Mauro Berruto .