Goodbye to Luca Bergia, the former Marlene Kuntz drummer was 54 years old

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Silence. Only silence. It’s hard to find the words to tell about a person who fell asleep forever. I can not consider myself a friend of Luke Bergiaeven though over the years we have shared time together with the Marlene Kuntzhis second family, and, in particular a Christian Godano, who I would consider a friend. The MK drummer was found dead a few hours ago in his apartment in Cuneo. We will no longer hear the vibe of his drums that marked an era and made school. The nineties would have been poorer without this band, born in 1988 but structured starting from the following year. They chose a dreamlike and ironic name, a mythological name half Marlene (Dietrich) and half female genital organ as Kuntz is borrowed from the English slang cunts, which means exactly that. Albums like Cathartic And I Killed Paranoia they are the manifesto of a restless generation, heir to Punk and a bad Rock, to which Luca Bergia with his “dirty” way of playing the drums gave a three-dimensional, enveloping force.

Farewell to the band to teach science

Luca Bergia had come off the stage a handful of years ago to devote himself to another great passion of his, science teaching at the Madonna dell’Olmo di Cuneo and Chiusa Pesio middle schools. He explained this decision of his, certainly painful but inevitable, to fans with a post in 2020: “I came out of the celebratory tour 30/20/10, at the dawn of Marlene’s eleventh album, literally exhausted, disoriented, without of mental and creative energies. mind. I thank Cristiano and Riccardo who understood and allowed me to put everything on standby to give me time that was only mine. I honestly didn’t feel ready, either physically or creatively, to face yet another crucial disc: from one side the precipice of failure, on the other a hoped-for success, for whatever such an inconsistent word may mean nowadays”. A painful artistic testament that, I’m sure, he himself never really metabolised. But this was what he heard, these were the voices that populated his mind. And he followed them. In a stubborn and contrary direction for an entire life. And the ending was also worthy of a great musician: he left in the night, in those hours that hosted and welcomed him for many years. And now let’s roll our eyes and smile… because what we call thunder is his drum solos.