Goodbye to Peter Crombie, the Seinfeld actor was 71 years old

“It is with great shock and immense sadness that I share the death of my ex-husband. Thank you for the wonderful memories and for being such a good man”: it is with these words that the actor’s ex-wife, Nadine Kijner, makes I note the announcement of the passing of Peter Crombie. The famous protagonist of the TV series Seinfeld passed away at the age of 71, following a short illness.

The American actor, born in 1952, and famous for playing the role of the stalker ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola in the fourth season of the TV series Seinfeld, passed away in the affection of his loved ones on Wednesday 10 January. It was his ex-wife who made the sad announcement on her Instagram profile with words of deep affection and esteem.

In his career Peter Crombie has starred in Born on July 4th, Desperate Hours, The Doors, Rising Sun, The Fluid That Kills, Natural Born Killers, Safe and Seven. Among the various characters played by the actor, we remember: Frankenstein in the series House of Frankenstein. Crombie then acted on the small screen, from When You Love to A Smart Detective, from As the World Turns to Spencer, from A Detective in the Ward to Lawyers in Los Angeles, at Walker Texas Ranger.