Google and Apple fined 50 million in Korea

The two Big Techs are guilty of the monopoly on the app market on their mobile operating systems, iOS and Android

The South Korean Communications Commission (KCC) is preparing to impose heavy fines on Apple and Google, which could reach up to 68 billion KRW (about 49 million euros), for violating the rules on in-app payments . These rules prevent app store providers from forcing developers to use their payment channels for purchases, as reported by Yonhap News Agency. The KCC decided to fine Google KRW 47.5 billion and Apple a fine of KRW 20.5 billion for abusing their dominant market position. However, the final sanctions will be established after hearing the arguments of the companies involved. The commission also called on both Apple and Google to take corrective measures to eliminate business practices that could hinder fair competition in the market. In particular, an Apple policy that imposed a tax on local developers was deemed discriminatory. This situation was triggered by the new rules on in-app payments introduced by the government in August 2021 and subsequently approved by the National Assembly in 2022. These rules were implemented to ensure fair and open competition in the app market, thus protecting interests of developers and consumers.